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  • Pedstop HQ

    Adrenalin Pedstop White Out Yamaha Slider 70cc

    February 12th, 2013

    Check out what the guys over at Adrenalin-Pedstop got up to over the Christmas period…  The Yamaha Slider or MBK Stunt has become quite a [...]

  • Low Life Auto Chopper

    Low Life (Auto Chopper)

    December 6th, 2010

    Auto choppers… Okay they might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but let’s face it, they were inevitable really. If you can put an auto [...]

  • furax_thumbnail

    FURAX DNA (Gilera DNA)

    May 7th, 2010

    If there’s anywhere in the world that’s currently producing some of the finest looking custom automatic scooters (in my humble opinion) then it has got to be Europe… [...]

  • lazareth_thumbnails

    Lazareth TMax (Yamaha TMax)

    March 3rd, 2010

    Ludovic Lazareth is a design graduate with a reputation for making outrageous creations with two, three or four wheels that look like they’re straight out [...]

  • formula_engine

    DP & The Formula (Italjet Formula)

    January 21st, 2010

    Jonas the owner of this Italjet Formula isn’t your stereotypcal moped dude, he isn’t 15, he doesn’t live with his mum and dad and doesn’t [...]

  • teenage_kicks_thumbnail

    Teenage Kicks (Italjet Dragster)

    January 20th, 2010

    If truth be known, we were due to feature this ride in the print version of PETROL a while back and, looking at the pics [...]

  • orange_13

    The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Orange (Lambretta)

    January 19th, 2010

    Don’t be misled by the title, this custom scooter bears no relation to mobile phones nor was it inspired by any advertising campaign. Having said [...]

  • Candy Blue Shocker

    Candy Blue Shocker (Gilera Runner)

    January 7th, 2010

    Twenty year old Jamie Goddard from Canvey Island in Essex, isn’t your average scooter hooligan. He’s worse. SP30, IN10, SP30, IN10, SP30, IN10, SP30 read [...]

  • Aprilia SR

    Aprilia Dreams (Aprilia SR)

    January 7th, 2010

    Diane Hall has owned autos before, savage beasts that push out oh, around 7bhp – a Yamaha Salient 50 and the everlasting equivalent to Top [...]

  • sdr_front

    Silver Dream Racer (Gilera Runner)

    January 6th, 2010

    You could say that race reps are a bit of a no brainer compared to custom bikes with a unique theme. On the other hand, [...]

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