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PETROL is the brainchild of journalist, drag racer, and Italjet Dragster enthusiast Paul Robinson. Not content with the style and restrictions of other scooter magazines that Paul had contributed to over the years, he woke up one day and set about making his own magazine. What seemed like a wise idea at the time turned into a bit of an epic journey that would see Paul and a small team of contributors put in an unfeasible amount of hours assisted only by caffeine and the will to succeed. But where there’s a will there’s a way, come June 2006 and there it was, the first printed issue of PETROL. Going against the grain, the first issue didn’t have a scooter on the cover. Instead it had a computer rendered 3D chrome phoenix pictured in front of an oily background (the work of Javier Leon, a talented 3D artist based in Barcelona). The magazine didn’t have a price tag either, the idea being it was available to the public for free at all good scooter dealers across the UK.

PETROL Scooter Magazine was officially launched on 6/6/6 (not that we’re superstitious or anything, it just seemed like a tidy number) at the legendary Ace Cafe in London. The Ace seemed like the ideal location as it serves as a regular meeting place for riders of all ages. The Ace also happens to be the same location for the first dedicated automatic scooter rideout in the UK – The London Run organised by Paul and members of his website (Italjet back in June 2003. Glamour model Vanessa Upton was booked for the launch, not only to keep the punters entertained but to coincide with the magazine’s first studio shoot featuring Paul’s own custom Italjet Dragster called ‘FREAK’ which graced the pages of the first issue.


Keeping with the times, PETROL has now evolved into a digital magazine as a focal point and resource for all automatic scooterists and a place for scooterists to converge during that downtime in between rides. If you haven’t done so already, signup to PETROLHEDZ. PETROLHEDZ isn’t a club as such but an online community for all scooterists. It’s free to join and as well as being able to access all areas of the PETROL website members will also receive newsletters, discounts and special offers.

PETROL Scooter Magazine is owned and produced under the wing of the Pedstop Group, a group of like-minded scooterists.