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Adrenalin Pedstop White Out Yamaha Slider 70cc

February 12th, 2013

How it all began...

Check out what the guys over at Adrenalin-Pedstop got up to over the Christmas period… 

The Yamaha Slider or MBK Stunt has become quite a rarity in the UK now with them scarcely seen out on the road. We picked our bug yellow 2001 model up back in 2006 for around £400 quid if I remember right with big plans to make some sort of demo bike. As I was sixteen at the time and decided to use the scoot on the road for a month or so it quickly got the usual abuse and after a fair few falls, flips and crashes from me and friends the Slider was quickly put to one side in bits. Seven years on from then and little Slider now lives in one of our display cabinets in the shop where it gets positive reactions on a daily basis, here’s a little story in to how a bashed up decaying scoot got turned into a squeaky clean stunt bike…..

Christmas was nearing at the end of 2012 and the Slider had been parked in our warehouse sat with no panels, wheels or much else for that matter for quite some years. We had talked about bringing it back to life on numerous occasions but time and other commitments always got the better of us. We already had the BCD “white out” panel kit waiting for the day of resurrection which was finally drawing nearer.

We started with completely stripping the frame which was sent off for powder coating along with the wheels. Whilst this took place we stripped the engine, gave the casings a thorough cleaning and started on the engine build. Here’s the spec we opted for, remember that this bike is not built for speed, the standard gears remain in place and our main aim was to build a punchy little stunt bike.

Cylinder: Athena HP R Racing 70cc – AD/08000

Crankshaft: Polini For Race – AD/210.0008

Bearings / Seals: Doppler C4 – AD/478935

Inlet Manifold: TNT standard type – AD/140610

Carburettor: Stickyparts BG Racing 21mm – STP862

Air Filter: PedMoto 34mm Road – AD/PMP-34

Ignition: Italkit Selettra Internal Rotor – AD/EE00107

Variator: Polini Hi-Speed 6 Roller – AD/241.670

Belt: Dynaflex – AD/CT19

Clutch: Stickyparts Adjustable – STP583

Exhaust System: Polini For Race 4 – AD/200.0298



With the engine sat on the bench sparkling away “almost” we eagerly awaited the frame coming back. After finding out our usual Pedstop orange was out of stock and with no time to spare the frame and wheels were returned in rather faded looking Repsol orange. Nevertheless things must go on, we replaced all the inner black panels, nuts, bolts you name it with brand new original Yamaha components to give the new fresh look. The forks were replaced with Doppler HSM adjustable (AD/461043) listed for the Yamaha Aerox, all they needed were some small adjustments involving the head stock bearings and they slotted straight in, this helped raise the front end a few inches. A new Brembo front calliper, Polini floating disc (175.0005), HEL braided brake line and new master cylinder from a Pitbike were also installed to increase the stopping power, crucial on a stunt bike. The freshly painted wheels were wrapped in IRC MB99 dual tyres which to be honest don’t look as faded as we initially thought once fitted. Last but not least was the Doppler wheelie bar, which as yet has still not been tried out.


With the bike back together and looking fit we strapped the Slider onto the dyno and fired it into life. The initial run saw around 9 HP, after a few tweaks with the ignition timing and some jet changes we breached the 10 HP mark. An hour or so on the transmission saw the Slider finishing on 10.2 HP @ 10440 RPM with power coming in very early making it an extremely useable stunt bike. Remember that power and speed were not the aim here and no doubt more power could have been achieved with a few component changes. What we ended up with is a very torquey set up with bags of laughs on tap.


The finished product is an immaculate looking scooter that stands out from the norm put together with mainly bolt on components. If any of you have any battered neglected scooters then take a little time to start your own project. We completed this from start to finish in little over a week which mainly involved waiting for the frame etc to be painted. No matter how destroyed you think your old scooter is it can always be restored to its former glory or better. Come check out the little Slider at our store in Carlton when you get a chance!

If you want the opportunity to showcase your build on Petrolmag whether it be a moped or scooter then contact us directly on 01226 630020, detailed pictures and a write up will be essential.

Words & Photos : Sam @ Adrenalin-Pedstop

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