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Candy Blue Shocker (Gilera Runner)

January 7th, 2010

Twenty year old Jamie Goddard from Canvey Island in Essex, isn’t your average scooter hooligan. He’s worse. SP30, IN10, SP30, IN10, SP30, IN10, SP30 read the offence codes…and that’s just part of his driving licence…

Aside to Jamie’s lawlessness, he’s the proud owner of this Gilera. How he manages to keep it in one piece is a task in itself given that he managed to accidentally demolish his first scooter (a Piaggio NRG) while smashing his knees in the process. I first set eyes on Jamie’s Runner at the Ace Cafe one November and it wasn’t until after our photo shoot that Jamie told me about his crimes which, if I listed them all, would probably fill this page. Jamie seems to have a deranged sense of proudness about his antics even if it has led to a twelve month ban and a £2500 fine. It’s no surprise then that he’s currently under probation. And with an annual Third Party Only insurance premium of £1700, the lad’s a prime candidate for one of those ‘I ride like a tw*t, me’ t-shirts. Moving swiftly on…

Apart from being the owner of the scoot, Jamie can’t be given full credit for all of the work done to it. Anyway, the candy blue and pearlescent white paintjob is the handiwork of a chap called Tony Wells, and the panels themselves really need to be seen in the flesh to appreciate the quality, and at £800 you’d expect nothing less would you? Cosmetically, the scoot has been finished with a fair amount of chrome and polishing work, as can be seen by looking at the engine, you could eat your dinner of the transmission cover it’s that clean. At the front of the scoot, the original dash has been replaced with a set of KOSO digital clocks which have been painted in matching pearlescent white to blend in with the rest of the bodywork, the same goes for the undertray which has been sprayed in matching candy blue.

The engine is the usual Malossi deal but with a number of tweaks and upgrades over and above what is now deemed the standard level of tune – 172 kit, PM billet head and skull cap, ported barrel and engine, Malossi gear-up kit, PM54 crank, Malossi Delta clutch, variator, drive belt and rollers, standard CDI, lightened flywheel, 34mm KOSO reed block, RD350 reed block and last but not least, a PM59 exhaust. On the dyno the scoot runs at 26.9hp according to Jamie, no wonder he’s been speeding everywhere. Plans for the scoot include upgrading to a 38mm carb and VForce3 reed block combo.

Like a lot of lads Jamie’s age who live daaaarn saaarfff, he likes to hang out at the Ace Cafe in North West London. So you can usually find him in amongst the crowds at the auto scooter nights – first Monday night o’ the month. But now that Big Brother’s keeping an eye on things I doubt you’ll find Jamie up to any mischief… well, much… until he gets on the North Circular. It seems that Jamie has finally seen sense, maybe. He knows he’s been a bad lad, so let’s hope he’s learned his lesson (an expensive one at that too). And hopefully, unlike his NRG, his Runner will remain intact too (and his knees). Don’t be doing anything daft mate.

Words: Paul Robinson
Photos: Clinton Smith
Model: Nelsa

This article was originally published in the print version of PETROL ISSUE.05

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