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Lazareth TMax (Yamaha TMax)

March 3rd, 2010

Ludovic Lazareth is a design graduate with a reputation for making outrageous creations with two, three or four wheels that look like they’re straight out of a Japanese Manga cartoon. His company will build anything you desire and usually within a month! Ludovic has many creations to his name – 3.5ltr V8 Mini’s and R1-engined bespoke quads to name but two. This is his take on an auto – a supercharged 84bhp Yamaha TMax…

‘Supercharger’… For me, the very sound of the word conjures up images of Mad Max, big block Chevy’s and illegal street racing. ‘Chargers themselves aren’t that popular these days though, they’re more expensive and harder to fit than turbo’s but have an advantage in the way that they produce their stomp right from tick over,  right from the first sniff of throttle. No waiting for revs to build, no wafer thin screaming power band, just good old 100% no additives horsepower. Perfect for an automatic scooter then? Well Peugeot seem to think so with their supercharged Jet Force Compressor.

Ludovic’s ‘TMax R’ uses a Rotrex compact supercharger to almost double the factory power. I dont know about worrying a few bikers, on this you’ll leave them choking on your dust! This isn’t just a straight line machine though, Lazareth have made sure that the bike handles as well as it looks (and boy does it look good). They’ve grafted on the forks and radial brakes, with wavy discs from the TMax’s big brother, the R1. And the exhaust has been tucked up under the tailpiece and exits through a pair of Devil silencers, but they’ve kept the overall look and the scooter is still unmistakably Yamaha.

C’est formidable!

Acceleration wise, Lazareth’s TMax will rocket from 0-93mph (150kmh) in 10 seconds flat. By any standards that’s fecking quick… We should at this point give Thorn Bikes a plug ( as they did most of the engine work including fitting the supercharger. I’d love a TMax like this in matt black to truly terrorise the born again bikers on sunny Sunday afternoons. Just call me Max! If you’re of the deep of pocket and want something truly amazing, then you can contact the team at and believe me if, or should I say ‘when’ my six numbers come up in the Lotto, Lazareth will be getting a call for a ‘charged up TMax with all the bells… Oh, the cost? Weeeeelll you know what they say, if you have to ask etc. The bottom line is this scoot would cost you 23,000 Euro’s which is near as dammit fifteen and a half grand! A lot of money, but driving up the inside of superbike mounted wrinklies and blasting them into the weeds on a warm Summer’s eve? Priceless.

Words: Rich Haywood
Photos: Alain Sauquet

This article was originally published in the print version of PETROL ISSUE.05