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Jet-powered Peugeot Blaster versus Lamborghini Gallardo

December 1st, 2010

“This might be the ultimate tuning stage”, said Per Eriksson when he told us about this jet-powered Peugeot Blaster project… What initially looked like a Swedish version of Top Gear, we sat back and watched the video – a little Pug up against a Lamborghini Gallardo on a drag strip, this could be interesting…

“We had three tech guys from the university who helped assemble everything. Kim drove the Lamborghini (it was his car). I filmed with the help of some friends. Marcus was the rider and the owner of the scooter. And then there was the audience. No one wanted to miss this race…”

The Blaster itself was no longer an underpowered little fifty as it had been fitted with a bigger cc Piaggio engine. The addition of the Jet engine (a Jetcat P180) was pretty straightforward. The 110,000 rpm turbine worked alongside the standard motor to give the scoot an extra boost – 45 lbs thrust at full power. According to Per, the turbine worked better at high speed as there was much more power to use. Marcus, the rider, was able to control the power of the jet by a small dial mounted on the handlebar. “We also had a backup solution with a radio controlled switch just for this race if something would happen.”

Alas, no times were recorded, but by all accounts the scoot (not a Vespa as the title of the video states) hit 148 kph (91.97 mph) over a distance of 200 meters at the VEIDEC Raceway in Malmö, southern Sweden. “The effect of the jet became stronger when it came up to speed. We would have topped 130 mph if the strip had been longer.”

Words: Paul Robinson
Photos & Video: Per Eriksson