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Stunt rider: Rok Bagoroš

December 7th, 2010

Twenty one year old stunt rider Rok Bagoroš hails from Radenci in Slovenia, he’s been riding for just four years and he’s already performing at major shows around Europe in front of large crowds and alongside big names like Chris Pfeiffer. We spotted Rok in Germany at the INTERMOT 2010 show in Cologne. His style just stood out – what can only be described as a mixture of circus clown meets the Starboyz. With his waistcoasts and madcap style he looks like a bit of a character performing all sorts of unique tricks aboard a Yamaha Aerox. Jackass antics aside there’s a lot of skill beneath the facade and Rok makes it look effortless. We tried to find out what makes him tick…

What are you listening to right now?
The new album by Kings of Leon.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
From the beginning I was searching for ideas from other stunt videos from around the world, but now I search for it in other sports and art … like hip hop videos, BMX Flatland, music videos and other artistic videos. It just inspires me when I see people in the video that do things with passion and dedication.

So how long have you been stunting then?
I’ve been riding for four years now and I’m still as motivated as I was on the first day.

Where is your favourite place to stunt?
There are four parking lots that I go to, because it’s boring to ride for five months at the same place … But the best place for me is freeriding through the city but I do this ONLY when I make videos or photo.

Have you developed any particular new tricks and do you have names for them?
Hmm, I have a few tricks that have some unique moves but I haven’t named them yet … I try to develop a fast and smooth style with really hard technical tricks.

What’s your favourite stunt?
Hmmm, I guess I like fast circle combos that I train on right now.

What has been the best show for you so far?
The best show for me personally was when I was with Chris Pfeiffer in Kosovo/Pristhina. That was the first time that I rode in front of a huge crowd and in front of my idol.

What was it like performing with Chris?
To perform with Chris is really special, I’ve performed with him a few times and it’s always something special. He rides like an animal and is a good inspiration for me.

What’s the law like in Slovenia? Have you ever been caught by the police?
The law in Slovenia is the same as everywhere else in the EU. I got caught a few times in the beginning but now the police know me, but I dont ride anymore on the streets, only parking lots.

Ever been injured?
I haven’t broke any bones yet, but I injured my knee and that still hurts. I did a show in rain in the capital city of Slovenia – Ljubljana and I was drifting with my scooter and suddenly the back tyre found a grip and threw me on my right side on my right knee. Riding in rain is always tricky.

Tell us about your scooters.
They’re totally modified. I make my own stunt parts, they are the roll bar or wheelie bar, freestyle pads and crash pads. Then the motors are totally tuned. One is a Stage6 Sport tuned Aerox with a normal 70cc air-cooled cylinder and this scooter is for freestyle stunt tricks/technical tricks. I call him the freestyle scooter and the other Aerox is Stage6 Racing and it has an aluminium Stage6 racing cylinder for more power. With this scooter I do power tricks which means that I make burnouts, high speed wheelies and stoppies … You must tune your scooter if you want to ride good on the technical level. The scooter should have good acceleration and a smooth RPM curve.

What tyres do you have fitted when stunting in the snow?
For stunting on the snow or better on the ice, I use SAVA WIN scoot tyres with spikes.

Which stunt riders do you admire?
I’m a BIG fan of Chris Pfeiffer and he’s my idol. Someday I want to be like him, riding all over the world and winning competitions.

Do you have any plans for 2011?
For 2011 I have a lot of plans. Shoot a new freestyle stunt scooter video and a few videos on the big bike … Then do shows all over Europe and go to some competitions.

Do you have any plans to perform at any shows in the UK?
Yes, my wish is to do a stunt show in UK in next year, maybe at the MCN show in London. But I will definitely perform in the UK in the next few years, just keep checking my website or Facebook page.

What’s your message to the world?
Dream BIG and never give up!!!