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The North Run 2010

July 22nd, 2010

Back by popular demand, THE NORTH RUN returns. Chris Halliday shares his thoughts about this year’s rideout from Barnsley to Scarborough.

With loads of time since our first North Run everything should have been planned, checked and ticked off long in advance. Did that happen?! Did it frig. A few busy weeks on the build up left everything tight and difficult to turn around. Oh and before I forget, a big thanks to XAMAX for pissing in the wind whilst they should have been printing t-shirts, THANK YOU.

With everything that went wrong we had an equal share of things that went right. After an amazing week of weather prior to the run surely it couldn’t hold on like that for much longer? Well it didn’t. The understanding I thought I had with him upstairs definitely went to the shitter. A dismal week of what shall we do if it rains came down to the final few moments before the run started. “Right fellows what are we doing?” With only one answer available I pushed my plastic steed out of the warehouse and I was made a believer, the rain stopped and didn’t start again throughout the whole of the rideout. Does God exist or is there some dude that controls the British weather that has a soft spot for scooters?

A good turnout of scooterists were ready for off and I quickly realised that my helmet could start every one of them just by putting it on my head. After a quick announcement on the megaphone stating “wait for everyone to get onboard before making a dash”, I put my helmet on and turned round to the sight and sound of disappearing peds into one of the most popular council estates in the north – New Lodge… Bastards. Every year this has happened, last year I was in the van due to a breakdown, this year I just got left behind.

I’d just like to say thanks to all the chavs that attended and thank f**k none of you died, if only your mums could see you ride.

The videos and pics tell the tale, 27 Gig has been donated so far, so there’s plenty to see.

Watch the proceedings from a different perspective from the buggy cam which comprises of footage submitted by participants of the North Run:

The North Run 2010 Photo Gallery I
The North Run 2010 Photo Gallery II
The North Run 2010 Photo Gallery III

Words: Chris Halliday @ Adrenalin Pedstop
Photos & Video: Paul Robinson / Andy Robinson