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The North Run 2011

August 4th, 2011

The North Run, organised by Adrenalin Pedstop (and this year sponsored by Polini) returns for a chaotic third year running. Pedstop’s Sam Schofield gives us the lowdown on this year’s antics.

Waking up at 6:45am to make sure I arrived at Pedstop HQ nice and early, I was shocked to see twenty or so people already waiting eagerly outside the front gate. As it got nearer 9am I went outside to give a quick showing of the 94cc Zip and from the reaction everyone gave I knew it was going to be a somewhat interesting weekend. Just as Chris was speaking through the megaphone telling everyone we will set off in five minutes, engines were started and people disappeared from the industrial estate. A quick look at Paul’s face confirmed he was thinking the same as me “what the f***?” Runner rider James Bentley came back to inform us that the group were waiting round the corner. This was a relief; we thought we’d been left behind on our own run!

As usual the first leg of the run, which in this case was to Doncaster, is often the craziest. Wheelies, undertaking and stoppies were just some of the rules of the road that were instantly abused. In my case the first leg was the least enjoyable with my Zip temperature rising and rising unhealthily on the 30mph roads. Nevertheless I soon found myself joining in with the rest of the pack having a bit of fun. A quick stop on the borders of Doncaster to regroup and what do we get? PC Plod and their companion straight in to interfere with the fun. As Craig was trying to explain to the plump police lady about how the run was going to work, she instantly stung him with a sixty pound fine. Now that’s a lesson for anybody who thinks it’s clever to ride without an MOT! Don’t stop and talk to police just ride off as fast as you can!

As everyone was leaving Danum Retail Park multiple sets of traffic lights split everyone up. This left me and Danni the joiner (thanks for the quick turnaround with the stage build) on his 660 Raptor quad a fair way behind. This didn’t really bother us that much as for weeks beforehand we’d been discussing which would win, the 77cc scooter designed for 30mph or the purpose built 660cc Yamaha quad? We soon became aware that the little Zip had the edge on the Raptor and was a lot more nimble through traffic. A good five minutes of fun was over and we’d caught up with the rest of the group. We arrived at Xscape in Castleford and went for a KFC just across the road. A phone call to Chris from Paul made us look out of the window to see a very bold bobby on a Polaris quad attempting to control / round up the wolf pack. It soon became clear that we were not welcome here and made our tracks heading to Leeds. Unfortunately for me this meant the rest of my journey would be sat in the van, you see racing Zips get very shy around the Police and have to be hidden away in dark places until it’s safe to go back out to play.

The view from the van was somewhat relaxing but had the benefit of a radio and backrest. Although we had a sat nav in the van Richard and I soon got split up from the group and possibly a little bit lost. With no more stops until the camp site at Ackworth due to the unnecessary interruption from the fuzz, we decided to get on the motorway and meet everyone there. With us not being due at the campsite until 3pm nothing was actually set up, so everyone took it upon themselves to start tear arsing up and down the field. After the different scooter awards were presented to the lucky winners everyone got chance to go on the bucking bronco and wrecking ball. The music was pumping and the sun still shining so we can’t really complain now can we?

As it began to get dark the virgins (cough) I mean teenagers were eagerly lining up to watch the pole dancers in action. With the sky nice and dark it meant there were more atmospheres with the lights etc bouncing around the tent. One lad in particular wearing a green mankini (as featured on Borat) was dancing on the pole whilst groping one of the pole dancers while her boyfriend stood and videoed with tears in his eyes.

The night really got going with people dancing around the stage perving, sorry I mean watching interestingly. I think from here on the night was pretty much a blur for most of the Pedstop staff although we do recall banners going missing and people burning tyres? I think chaotic, out of control and downright manic is a good way to describe the night time events with people riding round non-stop wearing bear suits and some completely naked sat on their mates lap?? Chris Morrall, we always thought you were a ***** boy! All in all it was a good day out although very unpredictable for us and most likely everyone else.

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** Keep a look out for the Scooter Shootout event at Elvington drag strip in a couple of month’s time (2nd October) with a possible rideout… **

Words: Sam Schofield @ Adrenalin Pedstop
Photos & Videos: Paul Robinson / Dabsy Bennett


Best Piaggio
Ashley Bradshaw – Piaggio NRG
Runner Up: Ben Peacock – Piaggio Zip

Best Aprilia
Tom Cooper – ‘Flubber’ Aprilia SR
Runner Up: Binny – Aprilia Sonic

Best Gilera
Josh O’Keefe – ‘Carbon Footprint’ Gilera Runner
Runner Up: Alex Wilson – Gilera Runner

Best Peugeot
Stuart Cowell – ‘Monster’ Peugeot Speedfight
Runner Up: Brad Allen – Peugeot Speedfight

Best Yamaha
Jordan Dean – Yamaha Aerox

Best Import
Jack Harding – ‘Kaiser Chiefs’ Italjet Dragster
Runner Up: Dale Gregory – Generic XOR 125

Darren Goodfella

Daniel Brewer – ‘Zippy’ Piaggio Zip

James Bentley – Gilera Runner