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The North Run 2009

December 6th, 2010

It’s that time of year where we tend to reflect on things we’ve done (or haven’t done) or things that have happened (or didn’t happen) during the last twelve months. And for us scooterists it’s a good time to take a look at what’s on next year’s calendar. One event to make a note of in your 2011 diaries is The North Run rideout organised by Adrenalin. Pedstop boy Sam Schofield reflects on the first time the event took place back in the summer of ’09…

This being our first ever rideout we had no idea what to expect. After a late night doing last minute preparations on one of the bikes, the early start the following morning was a bit of a killer… As the kettle boiled riders slowly started to arrive at Adrenalin HQ. Once the North Run stickers had been handed out we were ready for action and away we went with roughly 100 scooters heading out of Barnsley. By the time we reached the first roundabout it was mayhem! Every young rider was flat out, shoulders up to be the first out of the other side. This was when we realised what we’d let ourselves in for, unprepared for what was about to become.

First stop was Cineworld car park in Wakefield to pick up some more scooterists on route to Scarborough. Chris arrived in the breakdown van with his Runner 172 strapped up in the back. A poorly jetted carburettor was easily fixed and we were only back on the road for a mere five minutes when disaster struck! As we came off the next roundabout in Wakefield we arrived at a crash scene and what appeared to be two bikes laid on the road. We were unsure what actually happened until we played back the video footage from the Pedstop camera car, it appeared that one of the riders (you know who you are) was pretty careless and cut up a young rider which resulted in him plus another rider being laid out on the asphalt. Both victims shook it off and with only cosmetic damage off we went… again!

Everyone seemed to calm down now and we headed for the Highwayman Cafe near York. As we reached the A64 we found it was gridlocked! Not to worry as the sight of 100 scooters traffic filtering was one not to be missed. The look on every Range Rover owner’s face was comedy gold! As the traffic cleared and the speeds increased this is where our first run in with the police occurred. Two riders were pulled over, one being myself and a young lad on a very trick looking Typhoon 172. Luckily for us both the jolly policeman wasn’t too clued up with bikes, I only received a producer however the other rider wasn’t so lucky as it appeared he was riding with no insurance so his scoot was impounded and he spent the rest of the day in the recovery van – what a wally! As the stop had taken longer than I anticipated I had to catch up with the rest of the pack and arrived just as they were leaving the Highwayman Cafe. From here on the run was relatively smooth all the way to Scarborough.

We all did our own thing when we got there but I’m guessing most people went to sample the fish and chips! During the ride home everyone sort of went their own way and with numerous breakdowns the van was full. A steady, tiring ride home was what was ahead and the small group that arrived back at Adrenalin HQ sat down to look back on the day’s event. All in all for our first rideout it went pretty smoothly in our eyes, no deaths(!) only the odd impounded scooter and a fair few breakdowns but they were expected. Thanks to Richard at MSL for providing a recovery service and the lads in the camera car for capturing all the action on film.

Words: Sam Schofield @ Adrenalin Pedstop
Photos & Video: Paul Robinson

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