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EICMA 2011

November 28th, 2011

EICMA 2011: 69th International Motorcycle & Scooter Show
Fiera Milano, Italy. 8-13 November 2011

2011 seemed to be the year of the maxi scooter at EICMA with the world premiere of BMW’s C range of maxi scooters. We saw the prototype at Milan last year and although many of the high tech features didn’t make it through to production, the two models that were unveiled could well give the competition a run for their money. Also at the show Yamaha’s popular TMAX had been given a revamp and looked particularly impressive with the new more aggressive styling and a new 530cc fuel injected engine. Meanwhile Honda presented a new maxi – the SW-T600 and Piaggio gave us the X10 to name but a few of the notable models on display this year at Milan.

BMW C600 Sport / C650GT

BMW Motorrad’s General Director Hendrik von Kuenheim gave the opening speech at the world premiere of the C series. It was revealed that both scooters are powered by a 650cc two cylinder in-line engine giving a max power output of 60hp transmitted to the rear wheel by means of a CVT gearbox. The suspension on the two machines consists of an upside down fork at the front and, for the first time in this class, a single swing arm at the rear. What separates the two is primarily the seating position, the Sport version is slightly higher than the GT which has a softer seat. Two helmets can be stored on both scooters, the C600 Sport also features a patented BMW FlexCase. Both machines have generously sized ABS brake systems as standard. A daytime running light, to enhance safety, is also available as an option. In addition to low fuel consumption, both scooters already fulfil Euro-4 emissions standards.

2012 Yamaha TMAX

Yamaha’s revamped TMAX now has a new 530 cc DOHC in-line two cylinder fuel injected engine which we’re led to believe provides improved acceleration with plenty of torque in the low to mid range. The double chain transmission has been replaced with a new drive belt. Stopping power has been upgraded with two 267 mm brake discs at the front and a larger 282 mm disc at the rear. Overall aesthetics have changed quite dramatically. Sporting new R1 inspired headlights, a new dashboard and redesigned bodywork throughout, the TMAX now looks decidedly more aggressive and assertive. With a new die cast aluminum swing arm and new transmission the TMAX is also 4 kg lighter bringing the overall weight down to 200 kg.

Piaggio X10 – Luxury and comfort seem to be the approach with Piaggio X10 which boasts electrically regulated rear suspension, a dual ABS and ASR system, a handbrake, an on-board computer with a widescreen LCD display, backlit controls, triple glove box and a spacious luggage compartment. The X10 will be available in three variants – 125 cc (15 hp), 330 cc (33.3 hp) and 492cc (40hp).


Aprilia SRV 850

Aprilia made the move towards more powerful larger capacity scooters with the SRV 850 equipped with the first 850cc two cylinder 90° V 4 valve electronic injection scooter engine. The 850 power plant is capable of reaching max power of 74.9 hp (55.9 kW) at 7750 rpm and a max torque of 76.5 Nm (7.8 kgm) at 6000 rpm. The SRV 850 follows on from the Gilera GP 800 which was introduced in 2007 as the most powerful scooter in the world. The styling is clearly Aprilia with the superbike aesthetics which, coupled with the power and performance of the bike, could well convince motorcyclists to make that switch to maxi scooters.

Honda SW-T600 – Honda’s offering into the maxi scooter world at EICMA was the SW-T600 superscooter which made its debut at Milan. The SW-T600 is being marketed as offering car-like luxury while offering fuel efficiency from it’s 582cc engine as well as low maintenance. It features generous underseat storage to accommodate two full-face helmets, a 16 litre fuel tank, CVT transmission, a kerb weight of 247 kg and the option of an ABS package.




Peugeot Metropolis Project – 2011 wasn’t the first time Peugeot have exhibited a three-wheeled scooter at EICMA, back in 2009 we saw their ‘Hybrid 3 Evolution’ 300 cc electric concept on show. Peugeot’s offering this time round is the ‘Metropolis Project’ and it’s apparently almost ready for production. Sporting led headlights and styling inspired by the SR1 concept car, it’s easy to spot that this is a Peugeot especially with the bulky Satelis style rear end. The Metropolis Project boasts a number of electronic features including a ‘keyless’ starter system, a digital display that gives tyre pressure readings and an electrically adjustable windshield. Performance-wise it’s powered by a 400 cc liquid cooled fuel injected engine capable of delivering 35 hp and speeds of up to 93mph (150 km/h). Three brake discs (two 200 mm discs at the front, one 240 mm at the rear) takes care of the stopping power by way of a brake pedal that actuates the integral braking.

On the subject of three wheelers, elsewhere at the show we’d heard reports of a Chinese Piaggio MP3 clone being seized by Italian authorities. The three wheeler was Yiben branded and on display at the Kaitong Motor stand, the Italian police seized the vehicle made in China on grounds of patent infringement and counterfeiting.

Piaggio Vespa 46 Quarantasei

With design cues derived from the 1945 MP6 prototype that gave rise to one of Italy’s most iconic scooters, the Vespa 46 is a sublime mix of retro and modern. Powered by an air cooled four-stroke three valve fuel injection system there are two versions, a 125 (11.6 hp) and 150 (13 hp). The Vespa Quarantasei features some slick styling features and finishing touches like the ergonomic grips in hand-stitched leather, wing shaped LED indicators and a unique seat design. The minimalist, sculpted lines and styling of the concept brings the vintage styling cues of this Vespa right into the 21st century. Aside to the engine, what makes it into the final production remains to be seen but Piaggio tell us the Quarantesei is due for launch by the end of 2012 in the European market, start saving now…

Piaggio Beverly SportTouring – The Beverly high-wheeler has evolved with a new 350 engine, a 150/70 rear tyre and a new look that now brings the Beverly into the sport sector. It’s also the first scooter with ABS/ASR and the first Piaggio model to feature a brand new engine with a max power of more than 33 hp designed to be on a par with a 400 cc scooter minus the weight.

Piaggio Fly – Like many other scooters at Milan, the Piaggio Fly has undergone an update with a styling revamp and features that wouldn’t look out of place on a larger capacity scooter. Designed primarily for urban use, the Fly will initially be available as a 50 cc (four-stroke) to be joined by a 125 and 150 cc model later.


Italjet Dragster

With something of a cult following the Italjet Dragster was ressurected at Milan with a styling update but possessing key features of the original Dragster such as a reworked trellis frame and SIS (independent steering system) suspension. The prototype we saw featured a four-stroke 50cc engine, the engine in the final model, assuming it reaches production, is yet to be confirmed although there was talk of a Piaggio engine whilst at the show and larger capacity engines and an electric version. The body styling is distinctly angular compared to the flowing curves of the previous model but just as aggressive. A new dashboard featuring a new clock and LCD display, new lights and indicators, new seats and a petrol cap situated in the middle of the scooter are some of the notable features of the prototype. Over the years we’ve heard of dealings with Kinetic in India, we’ve seen a 250cc Dragster prototype so will this Dragster ever reach production? We can only hope it does. There’s no doubt that fans of the machine are behind Italjet in making a comeback.

Lambretta LN 125/LN 151

After almost a 40 year long hiatus the legendary brand is back and now marketed worldwide. Currently there are two new Lambrettas – the LN 125 and the LN 151. Powering the Lambretta LN 125 is a four-stroke single cylinder air cooled two-valve 124.66 cc (Euro 3) engine producing a power output of 8.7 hp at 8000rpm. The LN 151 possesses identical features to the LN 125 but it’s for the Italian market and powered by a 151 cc (Euro 3) single cylinder four-stroke engine producing 10.3 hp at 7500rpm. As you would expect the bodywork is steel and features styling that is faithful to the original 60s scooters.

Sit back and watch the highlights from EICMA 2011 in our video:

Words, Photos & Video: Paul Robinson
Additional Photos: Piaggio

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