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Straightliners 2010 – Round 1: Santa Pod

March 19th, 2010

On Sunday 14 March the first round of this year’s drag racing series organised by in conjunction with Straightliners took place at Santa Pod Raceway, the UK’s premiere drag strip. Race meetings at Santa Pod are usually well attended but participation at Round 1 left something to be desired with only 11 scooterists competing in amongst the many motorcycles blasting up the strip. Maybe this was because it also happened to be Mothers Day or F1 kept people at home, whatever the reason those who attended were rewarded by getting plenty of runs up the strip.

According to Pete Newbold at 100mphscooter the conditions were far from perfect. Mitch Betts ran a 19.8 on a standard Vespa T5 in the Junior class. Pete’s son Jamie registered in the Competition class this year and ran a 16.1. JB Tuning were present and ran a 15.1 on a street legal Lambretta which is an amazing ET for the first time out in very windy conditions. Pete Newbold who’s a regular at these meetings managed a 13.1 with fueling issues, a seemingly a familiar occurrence for Pete. Meanwhile David and Peter Hoy of Team Dwarf Racing who are normally mustering up some spectacular 100mph results, spectated. ”Due to workload and more importantly the many rained off Run What You Brungs at the Pod I’ve only got 36 minutes static run time and three passes at half throttle on the new cylinder set-up we’re developing” says Peter,  ”so I didn’t want to push my luck entering the competition. I know I wouldn’t be able to resist twisting it a bit! So thought it better not to risk running it until I’ve got a few more runs up the strip under my belt.”

Riders put in qualifying times until around 3pm then the usual Eliminations rounds took place. One of the nice things about these sprint meetings is that the winner of each class takes a trophy home with them for their efforts. So if you’re thinking of having a go at sprinting this year (and we urge you to give it a try), all the info you need about this year’s championship can be found at the website including a full list of classes and all the rules.

The next round is set to take place at Elvington in North Yorkshire on Sunday 18 April.

Words: Paul Robinson


Top Scooter

Pete Newbold – Italjet Dragster 172cc (Loon Racing) – 13.14 @ 89mph
Darreyl Ward – Lambretta 238cc – 15.16 @ 84mph

Competition Scooter

Jamie Newbold – Italjet Dragster 125cc (Lil Loon Racing) – 16.18 @ 75mph

Street Scooter (up to 210cc)

Tony Cummings – Vespa PX Quattrini 172cc (Lumpy Custard Racing) – 17.30 @ 74mph

Street Scooter (up to 260cc)

Tim Elkes – Lambretta 225cc – 15.33 @ 82mph
Shaun Fairhead – Lambretta GP 238cc (Lumpy Custard Racing) – 15.59 @ 80mph
Keith Hudson – Lambretta GP 225cc – 15.83 @ 81mph
Peter Bourn – Lambretta GP 225cc (Team Nippa) – 16.19 @ 75mph
Derek Cooper – Lambretta SX 225cc – 16.77 @ 73mph


Mitchell Betts – Italjet 125cc – 19.82 @ 55mph