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Adrenalin Pedstop @ Scooter Shootout 2011

October 4th, 2011

On Sunday 2nd October, 2011 drag racers and scooter enthusiasts from all around the country gathered at Elvington airfield in North Yorkshire for the Scooter Shootout – a sprinting event that had been instigated by Pete Newbold of in conjunction with Straightliners. Feeling the need for speed Adrenalin Pedstop took their racing Zips along for some quarter mile action.

To say this seemed to be quite a serious affair (“who’s got the fastest scooter”) the Adrenalin crew were quite laid back about the whole thing. The Zips had already been prepped which left little to do except queue up for some quarter mile runs once the bikes had passed scrutineering. Elvington appeared to be a hive activity and was bustling with a wide selection of scooters ranging from classic Vespas and Lambrettas to the latest maxi scoots, meanwhile the weather looked changeable. Thankfully the rain held off and riders were able to get plenty of runs up the strip. Adrenalin’s steeds consisted of two pumped up Piaggio Zips kitted out with the latest tuning goodies from Polini Motori. Pedstop’s Chris Halliday could be found sporting Persil white and orange leathers aboard a Polini powered 94cc Big Evolution Zip. Chris’s Zip had already been put to full use on circuits during track days, now it was time to see how it faired over the quarter mile.

Fellow Pedstop Race Team member Sam Schofield could also be found riding a 77cc Piaggio Zip in 2011 racing season colours (Aqua Green). Sam’s Zip had already seen some action at BSSO race meetings hence a few battle scars on both bike and rider. As it transpired both Zips clocked up some respectable times in the 15 second bracket with terminal speeds around the 85mph mark. As most of us know when it comes to scooter sprinting, it’s all about the old power-to-weight ratio – put a lighter rider on the bike with some launching ability and an immediate improvement in quarter mile times will be seen. Chris and Sam both admit they could lose a stone or two but the Barnsley massive prefer pies not stuff you feed to rabbits.

It’s not as if the power isn’t there though, both of Pedstop’s machines are perfectly capable on the circuit. In order to achieve that perfect power curve a dyno session had been carried out back at Pedstop HQ prior to the meeting, Chris had opted for a bigger Keihin 33mm carb and played it safe on the fuel side of things in order to prevent the engine from self-destructing half way down the strip, which is always a wise move.

With the change in atmospheric pressure from morning to afternoon, a change in jetting could have been made but this was very much a test session for Pedstop. Bigger and better things look to be on the cards for next year and who knows, a more serious take on sprinting, watch this space.

Elsewhere at Elvington there was plenty for the punters with trade stalls, dyno testing, moto gymkhana plus other attractions. At the time of writing it’s looking like the event could be on again next year – a promising sign that sprinting is gaining in popularity once again in the UK.

Words, Photos & Video: Paul Robinson