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BMF Moped Enduro – BMF Show 15/16 May 2010

May 18th, 2010

BMF Moped Enduro 2010 – Welcome to wacky racing!

The first leg of the annual Moped Enduro Challenge took place at the BMF Show in Peterborough on 15 and 16 May. A maximum of 65 teams are accepted into the challenge. The overall champions are the teams who complete the most laps over two events. There’s also the opportunity for teams to compete to become class winners and overall winners, as well as the overall champions.


The team names in this competition are amusing and sometimes a bit vulgar which gives you some idea of the happy-go-lucky, laid back approach to Moped Enduro, for example: Booze Brothers, Top Banana, The Skid, Wisbech Two Wheelers Old Farts and my personal favourite, Fudge Packers. But to be honest the name of the competition seems a bit misleading as there’s a mixture of machines out there on the track not just ‘mopeds’ but scooters as well. The definition of a ‘moped’ does seem a bit blurred these days. Anyhow, the entry criteria states that all machines must be based around production engines only and the maximum engine capacity in the competition is 50cc. Machines with motorcross engines aren’t allowed. Crankcases, barrels and cylinder heads must remain standard externally but modifications are allowed to be made (apart from engine capacity). Frames can be modified. It’s essentially an endurance race with team members riding for no more than half an hour a time around a wet speedway track. Each team comprises of a maximum of four riders and four pit crew members. The classes are as follows:

Class 1: 2 Stroke Sports
Class 2: 2 Stroke Step-Thru
Class 3: 4 Stroke Sports
Class 4: 4 Stroke Step-Thru

The cost to race is £80 per team for one event (or £150 for both) which seems pretty cheap to get into when you compare Moped Enduro with other forms of motorsport. Looks clearly aren’t important either, it doesn’t matter if you ride a beaten up 50cc ped that looks like the local pikeys have had their hands on it, your ride is going to get a few scuffs and scrapes and covered in mud anyway and the likelihood is you will too. So to this end, it’s an accessible sport and popular looking at the amount of entries. 61 teams competed in this first leg of the competition and it was a closely fought match in the first race between 100% Proof and John Lee & Sons who both managed to complete 133 laps overall. 100% Proof just sneaked in there with the fastest lap of 34.786 seconds in front of John Lee & Sons with 35.136 being their fastest lap. In Race 2 John Lee & Sons seemed to slip back a little with Moped Enduro veterans 100% Proof taking the lead with 130 laps overall followed by their rivals 50% Proof with 128 laps, the Druids came joint second overall with 128 laps putting John Lee & Sons in third place with 126 laps. Rather than bombard you with stats, you can take a look at all the results from the first leg here.


Adrenalin Pedstop are partial to dirt bike riding and took part in the event on a modified Gilera Ice. Pedstop team member Zack Tingle already has some experience at Moped Enduro and got off at a good pace after the Le Mans style start but technical problems significantly hampered the team’s progress later on. By this point it was Chris Halliday’s chance to get out there, ideally Chris would have liked to have been bombing round the track at breakneck speed but that wasn’t to be. The type of off-road riding that he’s used to comprises of humps and bumps out in the countryside scootercross stylee, Moped Enduro seemed a bit flat and less dynamic in comparison. That isn’t to say he wasn’t exhilarated out on the track even if the scoot was down on power. From an onlookers point-of-view, the bottle neck effect where riders jostle for position in various sections of the track where tyres have been placed as obstacles seemed to slow down progress. Still, it must be fun if it manages to bring back riders as it does each year, Chris said he really enjoyed it. It’s entertaining as a spectator sport too with the BMF Show being the perfect venue to host such an event with a bit more going on in the background. Here’s a taste of the action:

The next leg of the competition takes place at the BMF Tail End Show on 18 and 19 September at the Lincolnshire Showground. For more info, visit the official BMF website.

Words: Paul Robinson
Photos: Joshua Halliday
Video: Ian Brown / Paul Robinson