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BSSO 2011: Rounds 5 & 6 – Cadwell Park

June 29th, 2011

Disaster for Adrenalin Pedstop at Cadwell… Or was it? Chris Halliday tells the tale…

Disaster? Not really when you come to think about it, our own rider Sam Schofield continues to improve at each meeting out riding some of the experienced boys in the corners only to be caught out on the straights by some very strong engines. Rumour has it that 44mm long stroke cranks are being used by some that should know better (he’s a lovely bloke, mind). Maybe it’s time to get those engines checked to keep things in order?

All in all things were pretty tight when it came to preparation for this meeting, with the crazy Donington track out of the way we were left with engines to rebuild inside a week that was already full of deliveries and the normal dispatch. It was horrible, definitely one that we didn’t enjoy. With 3am finishes and Sam’s engine blowing up the night before during a dyno run, what else could go wrong? Well lots actually!

So with a 3am finish the night before and a 4.45am wake up you can imagine where our minds were, our beds where calling us. In Sam’s case it was a little different as he still had some unfinished business with an old copy of a Fiesta men’s mag and an old sock!

Arriving at Cadwell filled us with some hope; the track was wet which meant this could be more down to rider skill rather than overall pace which we were definitely going to struggle with. After an okay-ish practice and a quickly drying track who knows what could happen? What happened was the shit hit the fan and continued to spread over everything we seemed to do! For the first time ever Josh didn’t make it out for race one. With scoot 65 ticking over one minute and then dead the next it continues to amaze us that after spending so much time checking things and correcting issues always at the last minute, a frenzy occurs after finding something that has fallen off or just isn’t quite right.

Luckily Sam made it out. Thanks to the use of bike 65’s spare engine which we installed the night before, this in itself may have been the spark that started a bonfire on day two. Read on as it becomes more like an episode of Shameless. With no chance of Josh making it and no sign of some of the other team members it was time to call an end to the panic and watch Sam start his first race of the day. Being a Cadwell virgin this was bound to be interesting. As expected he got a good start from fifth and quickly moved up to third. There’s something about riding on a wet track, you either love it or loathe it and Sam clearly enjoyed it. With good race pace Sam was in good stead for another good finish well inside the top four only he ran out of fuel – “Ehh?! WHO’S IN CHARGE OF THE FUEL?!!” Well nobody it seemed, obviously. It must have all leaked out whilst going around the track, unlikely and untrue but at least it didn’t seize.

After a gruelling drive home, only because we were so knackered, we still had bikes to check and rebuild if necessary. Unload, fix and load up. Unload and fix. Did we mention we needed to load up and unload? For anybody taking up racing in whatever class or type and for all those guys that have been doing this for years, it can be tiring stuff especially when things don’t go to plan. Good advice is to enjoy what you’re doing and have a laugh. As soon as it gets too serious it definitely becomes more like hard work.

With two engines stripped and rebuilt, we packed up and went home. 5am came too soon and a quick dash back to Cadwell was on the cards – “Sam, I need to stop the van, I can’t drive any further”. My stomach was on fire, I needed to go and no toilets were in sight. Yes you guessed it and sorry for even writing this but it happened, being caught in the woods leaves you no options. By the way, thanks for the t-shirt Sam, Puma shirts make a great alternative to Andrex.

With no bike checks needed it was a simple unload and set up. “Hang on, where is everyone?” It was just me and Sam again. The clouds were coming even though it was going to be a scorching day. With awkwardness apparent in the paddock I’m glad to say both Sam and Josh made it to the first race on day two. Although we were clearly struggling on top speed both Josh and Sam made the best of it having a great fight to the end. And then the storm hit. It had to happen. With disagreements on who does what and when they should do it, if at all, the paddock were privileged to see an intense argument within the team.

With everything verbally unleashed this could only mean one thing… It was time to pull the plug on bike 65. Teams can only work if everyone works together. It’s that simple. If you guys want to see bike 65 take a trip to our shop where it rests. With all this said both Sam and Josh made it to race two on the second day. With some tweaks to gain more power on bike 65 it could only lead to one thing… Now I don’t want to say “I told you so” but what happened put the icing on the cake – Sam on scoot 14 had a great battle only to leave Josh behind during the first lap after nipping the ring:

We’ve had some great times racing with Josh and he clearly has some formidable talent. We’re disappointed that it has been necessary to cut the season short especially after committing so much time and effort. But on the flip side we can get back to what we do best – supplying great products at great prices, fast. We’ll obviously continue to follow our rookie Sam who, even though it’s his first attempt at racing, will take a win before the year is out, hopefully…

Words: Chris Halliday @ Adrenalin Pedstop
Photos & Video: Mickey Dee