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BSSO 2011: Round 7 – Three Sisters

July 19th, 2011

After disagreements within the Adrenalin Pedstop Race Team at Cadwell things were going to be different in Round 7 at Three Sisters in Wigan. The team was now down to one rider – Pedstop’s Sam Schofield on bike number 14. Here’s his account of what turned out to be a very wet but thankfully successful day of racing:

After a 6am start, I set off with a few mates to Wigan. The clouds in the sky soon told us that it was more than likely going to be a wet race. After a few wrong turns (despite using a sat nav) and a twenty minute break at McDonalds for sausage and egg McMuffins, we arrived at Three Sisters at around 8am.

The track was wet and it was spitting slightly so I opted for PMT wets to give optimum grip during these conditions. After my bike hade been scrutineered and described as “perfect”, we then found out we were going to be the last ones out to practice. It started to rain lightly while some of the superbikes were out and pools of water had begun to appear in various places on the track. Our turn for practice came round pretty quickly, I felt a little wobbly at first but this was due to nobody really keeping up a pace that allowed each corner to flow. I started to pick up the pace to see what sort of grip I had and soon felt pretty confident for the race ahead. During practice Keith Terry lost the front end mid-corner which meant I had to either swerve off the track or attempt to bunny hop his Gilera Runner. The latter wasn’t really going to happen was it? Suffice to say I ended up going off the track.

After practice we found out we were due to go out in race eleven, this meant a long wait until we could get up to race pace and show the mocking superbike riders that on a kart track, they have no advantage. During our wait the rain really started to come down. Attempts were made in between races to sweep water off the track but that didn’t really help matters much. We’d set up our gazebo just across the path from Josh Brown who was with a new bike. His Mk.1 Piaggio Zip was built within a week, it wasn’t quite finished in terms of looks but the engine sounded very strong. The rain continued to pour and a strong cross wind didn’t make it any more enjoyable either. Everyone waited warm and dry either in the van or in the cafe watching MotoGP whilst enjoying some more fast food.

Our race finally arrived and everyone proceeded to the track already soaking wet from just sitting in the assembly area. I was starting thirteenth on the grid out of fifteen scooters due to my race entry apparently being late, this is a story for another time but I should have been starting around the second row, instead I started at the back. Not to worry though, as soon as the lights went out everyone got off the line pretty quick. I managed to get round the outside of most on the long sweeping right-hander at the top of the hill and this put me in around sixth on the first lap. I pressed on, each time attempting to overtake, I found that the outside line on two corners of the track were a good place for this. I was right on the back of Tim Wilson and just as I was about to overtake his back end came out but he managed to stay on. This made me a little cautious of going round the outside of him without being thrown off. I overtook him on the second lap I believe.

My sights were now on championship leader Craig Bewey who’d started in pole position. I was gaining on him fast, unfortunately for him he fell off, but on the positive side this put me in second place. With no sign of Chris Cook I concentrated on staying second and finishing the race. On the S bends the track had now flooded quite badly and I couldn’t see out of my visor enough to spot the deep parts. A quick glance over my shoulder on the second to last lap and I could see my old team mate Josh starting to gain on me. After falling off during the last lap of the last race at Donington I really wanted the points in this one so I kept my pace, meanwhile Josh quickened. On the last lap I caught a glimpse of his front wheel on my inside however I managed to pull a tiny gap through the S bends where it was flooded which meant I was able to finish second. Well done to Josh, my former team mate on his new bike, who finished just seven hundredths of a second behind me in third. Due to the amount of water that my leathers and boots had absorbed during the race I was now about two stone heavier.

We watched the next race to see another former team mate out on the track – Joe Ravenscroft who was racing his Kawasaki ER6 650cc. He looked really composed and finished in the top three if I remember rightly. As conditions looked like they weren’t going to improve a rider briefing was called. The majority of riders weren’t so keen on riding in the extreme weather conditions so the day’s racing was now off. We packed everything away and despite the conditions I enjoyed the race and picked up some valuable championship points while gaining some wet weather experience in the process. This rather expensive one race meeting has now left me feeling more confident for the next round at Lydden Hill.

Words: Sam Schofield @ Adrenalin Pedstop
Photos: Lee Hollick


17 July – Three Sisters (0.932 miles)

Race 1:

1. Christopher Cook (61), Piaggio Zip 77, Class 6A
Laps: 5 / Time: 6:35.290 / Best Lap: 1:17.245 (Lap 3)

2. Sam Schofield (14), Piaggio Zip 77, Class 6A
Laps: 5 / Time: 6:54.904 / Best Lap: 1:21.473 (Lap 3)

3. Josh Brown (65), Piaggio Zip 77, Class 6A
Laps: 5 / Time: 6:55.592 / Best Lap: 1:20.909 (Lap 5)

4. Tim Wilson (37), Piaggio Zip 77, Class 6A
Laps: 5 / Time: 7:09.790 / Best Lap: 1:25.176 (Lap 3)

5. Mark Shirley (19), Piaggio Zip 77, Class 6A
Laps: 5 / Time: 7:15.470 / Best Lap: 1:24.146 (Lap 2)

6. Joe Hardy (27), Piaggio Zip 77, Class 6A
Laps: 5 / Time: 7:34.757 / Best Lap: 1:27.358 (Lap 3)

7. Mark Hardy (25), Piaggio Zip 77, Class 6A
Laps: 5 / Time: 7:36.125 / Best Lap: 1:27.736 (Lap 5)

8. Chris Blofeld (72), Piaggio Zip 77, Class 6A
Laps:5 / Time: 7:40.164 / Best Lap: 1:30.380 (Lap 3)

9. Roland Davis (35), Piaggio Zip 80, Class 6A
Laps: 5 / Time: 7:47.506 / Best Lap: 1:30.402 (Lap 3)

10. Scott Chapman (66), Gilera Runner 172, Class 10
Laps: 5 / Time: 7:59.960 / Best Lap: 1:30.551 (Lap 3)

11. Alex Van Dyke (22), Piaggio Zip 70, Class 6A
Laps: 5 / Time: 8:11.877 / Best Lap: 1:35.357 (Lap 2)

12. Adam Collier (90), Gilera Runner 180, Class 10
Laps: 4 / Time: 6:50.304 / Best Lap: 1:41.414 (Lap 2)

DNF: Keith Terry (11), Gilera Runner 172, Class 10
Laps: 3 / Time: 4:34.972 / Best Lap: 1:28.582 (Lap 3)

DNF: Craig Bewey (5), Piaggio Zip SP 80, Class 6A
Laps: 1 / Time: 1:23.035 / Best Lap: 1:23.035 (Lap 1)