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Pedstop Track Day at Teeside Autodrome

March 17th, 2011

With the 2011 BSSO series looming ever closer, the Adrenalin Pedstop Race Team headed out to Teeside Autodrome on 10 March to get some practice in before the start of the racing season, the first round is due to take place at Mallory Park on 25 April. Pedstop’s Sam Schofield gives his account of a day of testing at Middlesbrough.

As usual we were up late at Pedstop HQ the night before making last minute preparations. After a quick look at the weather forecast on the Met Office website we decided to arrive on dry tyres and see how we faired. We were due to be on the track in Middlesbrough by 9am so this meant alarms were set for 5am to get the vans loaded up and be on our way. The journey down in the morning was a little hairy due to the gale force winds blowing lorries and vans across each lane. Oh and before I forget, a big thanks to the t**t that works in the Total garage on the A1 north who let us buy three jerry cans at £7.13 each but wouldn’t let us fill them up!

Right, shall we get down to the nitty gritty then! Well there were three of us riding, one being Josh Brown who you all know rode for us last year and took the title on the Polini 70cc Big Evolution Zip, Chris who was riding the new 94cc Zip and myself on a Malossi 77cc Zip. Brownie (Josh’s dad) also brought along a Kawasaki ZX6R track bike for Josh to test as he’s thinking about jumping up to supersport next season. As you would expect he took to the ZX6R like a duck to water and within a few laps was knee down going up the inside of some of the more experienced riders on 1000cc bikes (although it was strictly a test day and no racing took place).

The track itself was new to me and Chris but after the first few laps we soon got familiar with it. It had a variety of corners as some were pretty long and fast while one particular section of the track was extremely tight. Josh made it look effortless to begin with due to his smooth riding style, I found it easier as time went on and Chris seemed to go backwards the more laps he did, he says he was suffering from old man’s testicle disease, swollen ball syndrome “don’t ask”!

Although the gale force winds were holding us all back a little bit on some areas of the track we still managed to get some consistent times in. 10am came pretty fast and along with it a big black cloud full of rain to soak the track. This wasn’t much of an issue for us as one of the main aims of the day was to get some testing done on a variety of tyres. Josh had two falls, one pretty much straight after the other due to a new yet old Sava tyre causing his front end to wash out. The track dried out literally within 20 minutes once the clouds disappeared, this meant another tyre change, however we were all well into the swing of things by this point and putting in some reasonable laps. Chris managed to stay on his Zip for the first time on a track yet! Deep down we all know this is because he didn’t want to scratch his shiny new orange panels. I got well into the swing of things which was a great confidence booster ready for this year’s BSSO series. No mechanical issues were found on any of the bikes and suspension settings on all three seem ready to race with. All in all it was a good day despite the wind and Josh got to do some testing on the 600, Chris got to try out the new Polini 94cc on the track and I got the opportunity to get some all important practice in ready for next month.

Thanks to Ian Brown and Paul for support on the day.

Words: Sam Schofield