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BSSO 2010 – Round 1: Mallory Park

April 8th, 2010

The first round of this year’s BSSO scooter racing championship took place at Mallory Park in Leicestershire on Easter Monday, 5th April. We were there to follow the progress of the Adrenalin Pedstop Race Team comprising of the Zen-like Josh Brown, young gun Sam Edwards and Zack Tingle, the latest talent to join the crew.

Following several months of preparation Adrenalin now have an arsenal of racing Zips at their disposal, all of which are tuned to a high level utilising the latest technology from Polini, the Italians would be proud.

After the cold and frosty conditions on the test day at Mallory last month, conditions were a little warmer this time thankfully although it stayed overcast and windy throughout the day. Adrenalin’s racing Zips performed well with Josh, Sam and Zack putting in a good effort on the track.

665: Technical problems in the second race led to Josh pulling out early unfortunately, but in the first race he managed to complete eight laps around the circuit finishing second despite the fact that he wasn’t on top form at this meeting due to illness. For the record Josh’s quickest lap time at this meeting was 1 minute 12.64 seconds with an average speed of 68.89 mph. Any involvement in racing can be considered ongoing development so things can only get better for both man and machine as the season progresses. It’s worth pointing out that some of the other competitors are riding bigger capacity 172cc machines which, looking at the stats, were around 5 mph slower on average. The tuned 70cc Zips despite the difference in engine capacity really do offer incredible performance, in the right hands of course. Also bear in mind that the new weight rules that were proposed at the end of last season have now been enforced. The new ruling states that the combined weight of both rider and machine should be at least 140kg (scooter alone: 70kg). This of course meant that extra weight had to be added to Josh’s Zip. The reason for this is to supposedly even out the competition and bring the BSSO in line with the rest of Europe. It remains to be seen if such changes in ruling will entice the Europeans to our tracks and vice versa. It can be a costly business this racing lark without traveling abroad.

663: At 25 years of age Zack Tingle is the oldest member of the Pedstop Race Team and a relative newcomer to racing compared to Josh and Sam. Previously Zack has raced with the BSSO and BMF Moped Enduro. His riding ability on the track had been spotted at a previous BSSO meeting when Adrenalin saw the potential and a sponsorship deal was offered. In terms of performance it appeared to be a bit of a mixed bag for Zack at Mallory, certainly in the second race as he couldn’t race! There he was all fired up and raring to go, unfortunately the Zip wouldn’t fire up for him despite some adjustments to the machine after the first race, frustrating as you can imagine. But that’s scooter racing for you, things can only get better at the next race meeting.

620: Following a trip to Spain to get some more track time in, unless I’m mistaken Sam appeared to be a bit more confident this time at Mallory. Photos of his testing in Spain showed Sam leaning more into the corners and according to his Dad (and mentor) Sam appears to be getting used to the handling of a scooter. At 11 years of age, it’s still early days for the lad, how many adults have got the bottle to get out there on the track?! Sam started racing at just five years old and already has a lot of racing experience. As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, he’s raced mini-motos and geared Conti race bikes, so scooters are the logical stepping stone for Sam given that the ACU don’t allow kids to ride geared bikes until they’re 13. With sponsorship from Adrenalin, technical backup from the likes of Darryl Taylor at 50cc Tuning, not forgetting the encouragement of his proud parents, Sam has all the support he needs to see him through the rest of the season. It’s up to Sam now to come up with the goods which can be quite a lot of pressure for anyone let alone a youngster.

At this early stage, the best is yet to come from Adrenalin’s riders and machines – watch this space! In the meantime sit back and watch the action unfold in our video as Josh battles for victory in Race 1 at Mallory Park:

Words, Photos & Video: Paul Robinson


Race 1:

1. Damon Tuncliffe (691), Piaggio Zip 77
Laps: 8 / Time: 10:16.88 / Best Lap: 1:12.22 / Average Speed: 69.29 mph

2. Josh Brown (665), Piaggio Zip SP 70
Laps: 8 / Time: 10:21.70 / Best Lap: 1:12.64 / Average Speed: 68.89 mph

3. Joe Hardy (627), Piaggio Zip SP 77
Laps: 8 / Time: 10:45.91 / Best Lap: 1:14.98 / Average Speed: 66.74 mph

4. Eddie Goode (612), Gilera Runner 185
Laps: 7 / Time: 9:38.87 / Best Lap: 1:17.89 / Average Speed: 64.24 mph

5. Zack Tingle (663), Piaggio Zip SP 77
Laps: 7 / Time: 9:39.06 / Best Lap: 1:17.83 / Average Speed: 64.29 mph

6. Daniel Rudd (656), Piaggio Zip
Laps: 7 / Time: 9:42.38 / Best Lap: 1:17.64 / Average Speed: 64.45 mph

7. Keith Terry (611), Gilera Runner 172
Laps: 7 / Time: 9:43.61 / Best Lap: 1:18.22 / Average Speed: 63.97 mph

8. Sam Edwards (620), Piaggio Zip SP 70
Laps: 7 / Time: 10.33.59 / Best Lap: 1:24.87 / Average Speed: 58.96 mph

Scott Chapman (666), Gilera Runner 172
Laps: 4 / Time: 5:27.58 / Best Lap: 1:13.19 / Average Speed: 68.37 mph

Race 2:

1. Damon Tuncliffe (691), Piaggio Zip 77
Laps: 7 / Time: 8:58.51 / Best Lap: 1:11.61 / Average Speed: 69.88 mph

2. Joe Hardy (627), Piaggio Zip SP 77
Laps: 7 / Time: 9:25.24 / Best Lap: 1:14.50 / Average Speed: 67.15 mph

3. Daniel Rudd (656), Piaggio Zip SP
Laps: 7 / Time: 9:35.63 / Best Lap: 1:17.19 / Average Speed: 64.83 mph

4. Eddie Goode (612), Gilera Runner 185
Laps: 7 / Time: 9:35.84 / Best Lap: 1:16.99 / Average Speed: 65.00 mph

5. Keith Terry (611), Gilera Runner 172
Laps: 7: Time: 9:35.97 / Best Lap: 1:17.42 / Average Speed: 64.63 mph

6. Sam Edwards (620), Piaggio Zip SP 70
Laps: 6 / Time: 8:56.57 / Best Lap: 1:23.77 / Average Speed: 59.73 mph

Josh Brown (665), Piaggio Zip SP 70
Laps: 1 / Time: 1:44.81

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