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BSSO 2010 – Round 6: Cadwell Park

October 4th, 2010

This had to be, if we’re honest, one of the tracks we were dreading – a two mile circuit with very few corners that needed no true riding skills, more top speed and keep it pinned. This would be difficult on a 70cc when most of the paddock were riding 77cc and above, but we had to make the best of it. The other thing that was playing on our mind was that if it all went to plan, and him upstairs had taken a shining to Josh Brown, we could walk away with the Championship win even before the last event at Three Sisters.

Day 1: The Cadwell meeting this time made use of the long circuit which took all the riders up the mountain (mountain if you were about three inches high) and through the woodland section which we thought was a lovely spot and hey, it has a couple of tricky corners too.

Race one was due to start and after some head scratching on our setup I kind of thought we might have a problem; our engine was strong but weak on set off with a clutch bite somewhere in space. Too late to change anything, Josh was out on a damp track with everyone trying to get some heat in the tires on the sighting lap. After a brisk start the flag was out, there had been an off, everyone still riding completed the lap and drew to halt on the start grid – “Bollocks”. No it wasn’t one of ours but we had two cameras running with limited battery life. “Josh, don’t turn them off” was going through my head, knowing that we would definitely have some missing race footage because he would forget or not have time to switch the cameras back on.

After what seemed like an eternity, the race was getting ready to restart, the tannoy man (who can I just say was a bit of an arse with his comments to all auto scooterists – “Piaggio pizza delivery scooters” huh?) announced in a less than professional manner that the race was going to restart with only three laps. With Josh usually taking three laps to remember he’s racing I thought that was it for race one. They were off again and surprisingly Josh got a fantastic start even getting past the elbows of Keith Terry or should we call him Schumacher, anyways he was off and even in damp conditions rampaged home to take the win in his class.

Day 1 / Race 1:

Race two on Saturday also went well up to the final lap, Josh gained a monster lead on the rest of the field only for the top o-ring to let go halfway round the final lap, all of our faces dropped with Craig Bewey now flying towards him, it was surely over. Unbelievably the Polini Big Evolution 70cc engine kept going with no water in its guts with Josh nursing it around the woodland section. Amazingly Josh still took first place with Craig missing it by the skin of his teeth. Too close for comfort if you ask me but we got it.

Day 1 / Race 2 – “… very special pizza delivery machines”:

Meanwhile it was trials and tribulations for fellow Pedstop rider Zack Tingle once again who was unable to finish a race due to technical problems. Some spannering was now needed in the Pedstop camp. After diagnosing the problem on Josh’s Zip engine number one was out of action so a quick change over to the spare engine was needed in readiness for day two.

Day 2: After a few hiccups with clutch settings the day before, we decided to drop the clutch a few thousand revs to get a more workable setup and stronger engagement, we thought this would be a good idea but an old classic biker on the track the race before ours had his own ideas and kind of set the day, thanks man whoever you are.

I nearly forgot to mention that Sunday was torrential with rain hitting hard and it was cold, very cold. All of the scooter classes assembled in the start area in readiness to go but they didn’t, a pattern was forming with a direct impact on the BSSO. The race was postponed again due to something being on the track that was deemed unsafe. Unsafe, being polite, the track had been covered in petrol around its full circuit and of course the bike that left it used the racing line. Surely they would cancel the meeting? Errrr no, they sent lots of orange guys out on the track with toothbrushes and some detergent to make the clean up.

Three hours later they announced the race would start again and that it would be the only one for the day, not the usual two. Madness, but we had to race, it was the only way to maintain a lead or even take the Championship. The flag was down and the race started with Josh making a flying start and taking the lead easily in his class only being led by some of the big cc classics. It was obvious that the petrol spill was having an effect; the leaders were disappearing in front of the camera with front end wash outs.

With Josh pushing it as hard as he was it couldn’t last, petrol, oil and extreme lean angles don’t mix. Two laps in and sure enough it was Josh’s turn, screaming through the woodlands and turning right onto the straight saw Josh lose the front and wash out onto the grass. Josh was up and ok quickly but he now had a DNF which would mean a start from the back of the grid at the next meeting and the Championship was still up for grabs.

Words: Chris Halliday
Photos & Video: Paul Robinson