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BSSO 2010 – Round 4: Lydden Hill

August 3rd, 2010

The BSSO scooter racing championship sees the action taking place at different circuits in various parts of the country, the last weekend in July saw riders battle it out in Round 4 at Lydden Hill’s mile long circuit in ‘The Garden of England’ (i.e. Kent) almost a stone’s throw away from Dover.

The action took place over a mostly wet and misty two days and seemed to be plain sailing for the Pedstop crew… until it reached crunch time at the end of day two (more about that later). Day one turned out to be a good day for the team, the fog and drizzle tried its best to put on a dampener on proceedings but that didn’t stop Josh Brown (the only Pedstop rider attending this round) from claiming victory with two seemingly effortless first place wins. Unlike the last round at Cadwell, the circuit at Lydden doesn’t go on forever and that doesn’t put as much of a strain on a small capacity scooter engine. That said the Zip appeared to be having some temperature problems which, among other things, led to the drilling of a few holes in the Zip’s bodywork to improve air flow. Anyhow, if you’ve ever seen Josh in action it’s clear to see that he performs best on smaller circuits with tight bends like Three Sisters which is possibly due to the fact that he’s been racing minimotos since the age of three (he’s now 16). The damp conditions meant that wet tyres were in order during the first two races which were replaced for dry when the track started to warm up. With only plug, belt and roller checks on day one everything seemed to go smoothly. Two wins was reason for celebration at the Polini camp. Meanwhile, in the other classes Charlie Edmonds seemed to be dominating the track once again but lost out to Guy Topper in the first race who pipped him to the post but only just.

Day two went well to begin with with another fine performance from Josh in the first race giving him his third win of the weekend. It was during the last lap at the end of the last race when it came to ‘the crunch’. There was Josh going for gold, what seemed like a case of pushing it that bit too far which led to the Zip going down at 60mph while dragging Josh along in the process…

Thankfully Josh appeared unharmed, the Zip wasn’t, the resulting damage (apart from losing the race) being a dented exhaust and smashed and scraped bodywork. It’s a shame the memory card in the onboard cam ran out just before the crash but these shots taken by a photographer stood at the side of the track show each stage of Josh’s off sparks and all.

Second win of the day for Josh in race two:

Josh scores a hat trick after another win in race three. Look out for the crash at 3:50:

It was in race four that Josh crashed during the last lap after a dog fight with two high capacity traditional scooters:

Words, Photos & Video: Paul Robinson
Additional Photos: Chris Halliday