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Pedstop Track Day at Rowrah

August 18th, 2010

Track days are brilliant for honing your riding skills, not only that they’re a great way of getting started in scooter racing if you’ve never tried it before. Last weekend Chris and the Pedstop crew went to Rowrah in Cumbria to get some track time in, here’s Chris’s account of how it all went:

What a day or even weekend for the more committed who attended, an excellent track for a wannabe racer. If you watch the news much then you might recognise the name ‘Rowrah’, yes it’s that place where people got shot for no reason whilst camping among other things. After some basic thinking and not much consideration the wife and I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to take the kids camping and mix in some track time, what could go wrong!

After a three hour drive through some great scenery we came to the village of Rowrah and found our weekend venue nestling within what looked like an old quarry but much prettier and sporting a newly surfaced track. With some familiar faces and no rain it looked like Sunday could be a good day for learning how to stay on two wheels quickly if you know what I mean. Before we move on to Sunday I just want to mention Saturday night’s farting blitz, Jesus I thought I was bad, intermittent disruptions resonated from almost every tent, caravan and motor home coupled with a topping of heavy snoring, no wonder there are so many single mums.

Well Sunday turned out to be a blinding day and apparently a first at Rowrah, not much wind and hot. After an almost sleepless night because of nerves and stomach cramps due to me avoiding the camp bogs it was time to get the kit on and have a go. The cavalry arrived in the form and Josh Brown and crew and it was time to go. For anyone out there that looks at the racing coverage we managed to capture this year these young guys make it look easy, knee down here, slide it round there, well it was my turn to make it look difficult and throw in some grass tracking.

Yes it all ended with a crash, that’s what you get for pushing it to the limit. Yeah, yeah what a load of bollocks… A crash is what you get if you let a fat arse have a go and try and keep up with the youngsters. With all that said I would have to say it was the best day I’ve had in years – fast, difficult and brilliant. I can’t imagine how many of you guys would enjoy this and be really fast with it, if that thought has been buzzing around a while then have a go before you get too fat, ahem.

Words: Chris Halliday @ Adrenalin Pedstop
Photos & Video: Mickey Dee

For more info about the circuit at Rowrah, visit: