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DP & The Formula (Italjet Formula)

January 21st, 2010

Jonas the owner of this Italjet Formula isn’t your stereotypcal moped dude, he isn’t 15, he doesn’t live with his mum and dad and doesn’t have to show an ID for a beer. He’s the dude you could picture on a streetfighter or a Harley. With his beard and rough at the edges look he’s the dude you’d rather not cross paths with, but if you meet him on his modified Italjet you’ll understand he’s no dangerous biker, rather a cool slightly older boy…

Jonas or DP as he’s called in the bike community has been building cars and bikes for the last thirty years, he spent eleven years in So Cal USA building bikes and rods but today he’s moved back to Sweden and sells Aprilia bikes and scooters at Starol Racing in Enköping. To those involved with bikes, scooters and mopeds in Enköping and all of Sweden he’s a familiar face and known for his slightly “rough at the edges” bike builds, often old school, stripped down and primered and always driven hard.

DP’s Italjet Formula 50 Air is a mishmash of parts, spares, leftovers and since he likes to do it his way it basically grew from what was leftover in the back of the shop. “The Formula was built during the winter of 2001-02 when I worked at the Swedish Italjet importer, it started out as a scrapped and banged ex-pit scoot for a road racer we sponsored, it’s basically a ground up build” says DP. Since he at that time was working with scooters and Italjet daily he had almost unlimited access to parts and stuff and could do it his way.

The power plant has basically had three evolutions, first out it was fitted with a 50cc alu cylinder, crank, intake, carb, air filter, igniton, vario, belt and Delta Clutch, all came from the Malossi catalogue. At that time DP just had to try a nitrous oxide system and one was ordered from NOS Holley in the US of A, a lot of hours were spent on setting it up until it all went KABOOOOOM and that was that! For Evo 2 a new block was fitted with crank, 70cc alu cylinder kit, 24mm flat slide carb, vario, clutch, belt and reed block, all from Hebo but that setup was no hit – “it ran like crap and I almost lost interest in the girl, I parked her for a couple of years in the back of the workshop at Mosta Hill until I decided to give her a third chance”. For Evo 3 out went all the Hebo parts except the ‘Big Mouth’ reed block, on went Malossi parts again, RHQ crank, 50cc alu MHR, 21mm Dell’Orto with intake, kevlar belt, Multivar, Delta Clutch, E-13 filter and a slightly modified older Polini EVO pipe and after some setting up it now works like a dream but the setup today is more cruise than race, “I’m a bit more mature today and don’t need the fastest scoot around, I have a Ducati Monster when I feel the need, the need for speed, a Harley for cruising and at the moment a 1983 Yamaha YZ 490 is being given the Street Tracker treatment”.

The bodywork is basically untouched except as DP puts it “everything unnecessary like lights, turn signals, horn, etc. has been junked” the headlight glass has been covered with black adhesive film to give the nose a clean look. The taillight has also gone but instead there’s this LED strip, just like Kit on Night Rider, “that and a spotlight under the scoot are all the lights needed” says DP. All openings in the bodywork are fitted with alu mesh and there’s of course a shitload of stickers fitted NASCAR style to one side, one logo that sticks out is the 491 and DP says “it’s NOT a Benelli 491 it’s from the 1960s Swedish porno flick 491 by Vilgot Sjöman that got banned by the Swedish film censorship, also the Pin Up is a bit of a trademark for me since I have a well known helmet fetish and almost all (today there are 63 on the shelf) has a pin up girl of some kind on it”…

The most visible changes to DP’s Formula are that the stock handlebars and its covers have been removed and the whole scoot has been painted by Pelle Plast in a satin black that makes the curves of the body more obvious and not as “rat as a flat colour”. Another nice feature is the seat, it’s been covered in suede by Sadelmakarna in Vallentuna “it’s the same suede that Sparco and OMP use in their WRC steering wheels, it’s even fire proof” says DP. He doesn’t want to comment on the cost of the seat since “it will only make you depressed

Other details are brake pumps from an Italjet Formula 125 that had Grimeca pumps, the throttle is something most Swedish MX riders will be familiar with, it’s an old school Eksjö Handtaget fitted to MX bikes around the world “Made in Sweden is da shit”. Other features are an hour counter and a temp gauge that measures the temp in the cylinder head since it’s an air-cooled motor.

The handlebars are what most today will call a set of ‘Nude Bars’ but they have a story of their own that DP tells “I wanted to do something special with the bars I had at the time, and remember that the scoot was built during the winter of 2001. I’d seen some pics of a couple of French scoots that had the plastic bodywork removed from the bars but I thought it only gave an unfinished look and wanted something different. In the shop we also sold Gary Fisher MTB and BMX bikes and they had some cool and chunky bars and stems fitted, at that time I also had an Italjet Dragster 50cc that we were going to have on the Italjet stand at The Stockholm MC Show and I fitted a Gary Fisher MTB stem and bars setup to that and it was a huge hit at the show. I started to look at serious MTB parts for the Formula and came up with an Amoeba stem and bars that looked the biz, so I was the first and second to do this stuff to a scoot in Scandinavia and I would say I was among the first to go the MTB route on a scoot. The name Nude Bars came to me one late night during the work of fitting the bars and stem to The Formula, I’d had a couple of Heinekens and was chatting and sending pics of the build over MSN to a Danish scooter buddy, we were joking around about going to nude bars checking out the girls and how the bars on The Formula looked nude, so we decided to call it Nude Bars and it stuck, I guess that night we put the whole Nude Bar thing on the map and today you can buy Nude Bars from TNT and others but in my book the best looking stuff comes from your local MTB and BMX shop.

So to all of you that cross the street when you see a big bearded biker, don’t be afraid, it could just be a nice dude to burn 12″ tyres with in a parking lot, nobody’s too old for having some scooter fun! And if you want to see what’s going on at DP Race Tech with projects like Lucy Vespa, Dee-Dee Ducati, LTO, YZ490 Street Tracker and The Just-4-Fun Ciao check in at

Words: Mange Jensen & Jonas aka DP
Photos: Mange Jensen

Jonas aka DP wants to say thanks to: Pelle Plast for paint and bodywork, Sadelmakarna Vallentuna, Hot Rods by Max for the latest motor rebuild, Starol Racing where I work and for all the Malossi parts, for all the cool clothes you guys send my way and a huge Thanx Bro!!! to Paul Robinson for doing the first magazine feature on The Formula and because you’re also a grown up PVC scooter freak…

If you’ve got a custom scooter that you reckon is worthy of a feature, get in touch. We’re always on the look out for custom scooters and you never know, we might feature yours.