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The All New Yamaha FZ-09

June 26th, 2013

The all new naked sport bike from Yamaha features a slim lightweight sit up design coupled with a 3 cylinder 850cc engine to give staggering performance with a nimble light weight feel perfect for road use. Features like Yamaha D-mode switchable map settings, YCC-T electronic throttle control, fully adjustable front and rear suspension and radial 4 pot brake calipers coupled to floating discs really show you this bike is out to impress in the performance department.

The 3 cylinder engine is completely new and the next best thing according to Yamaha. The 847cc DOHC 12 valve 3 cylinder engine uses a cross plane crankshaft concept to give a linear delivery of torque right through the rev range with virtually no vibration. They say it gives a snappy quick revving engine that provides the majority of its power and torque in the low to mid RPM range. The 3 cylinder intake funnels have been designed with uneven lengths giving the bike a unique induction noise to match the snarly exhaust note.

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