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ATHENA performance parts

January 11th, 2011

Founded in 1973 Italian company ATHENA have already proven themselves highly successful in the motocross scene. Boasting gasket sets for literally every make and model of scooter available plus an extensive range of replacement and aftermarket parts, then you’d expect ATHENA to be the name on everyone’s lips in tuning circles wouldn’t you? Well we think ATHENA deserve a lot more recognition, so let’s take a look at some of their products.

ATHENA’s 70cc HPR racing cylinder kit is available in both air-cooled and liquid cooled versions for a wide range of two-stroke 50cc scooters. The porting and overall build quality is excellent and like ATHENA’s HP aluminium cylinder kit it’s a product that’s built to last so durability need not be a concern. The HPR racing kit differs from the HP kit (which is designed for road use) in that it features a revised port layout and flat top piston for added power. The HPR kit being higher revving than the HP therefore requires a suitable exhaust system to go with it, the Yasuni C16 or Doppler RR7 would be good candidates for the job. If you’re going the whole hog building a race bike then a bigger carb (17.5mm or above) wouldn’t go amiss with this set-up. Otherwise a standard carburettor could still be used providing the jetting is increased by at least 10 to 15%. Also included in the HPR cylinder kit are some carbon fibre reed petals and a set of gaskets.

Moving on to transmission, ATHENA’s Platinum series of drive belts are made in Japan so you can expect the same sort of quality and performance usually associated with brands like Polini. Made from reinforced Kevlar, ATHENA Platinum drive belts are extremely hard wearing and require at least 100 miles to wear in.

Also worth a mention are ATHENA’s unlimited revving CDI units which are a bit of a no brainer when it comes to unleashing the power by removing the restrictions of the standard CDI. Bear in mind that ATHENA’s unlimited rev CDI’s are designed for use on the track and may not be permitted by law for road use in some countries.

To browse through ATHENA’s product range take a look here.