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Innovative new cylinder kit from ATHENA

May 16th, 2011

ATHENA’s R&D department have come up with an innovative new cylinder kit for Minarelli AM6 engines which features a pneumatic ‘Power Valve System’ to give improved low RPM and top-end performance.

ATHENA’s Power Valve System exploits exhaust gas pressure by way of a guillotine valve. At low RPM, when exhaust gas pressure is low, the Power Valve is kept closed by a spring inside the pneumatic system. When RPM increases the pressure of the exhaust gas raises causing the pneumatic system to move the guillotine valve upwards.

The kit also comes with a specially designed aluminum Cast Lite piston with Molycote flat head to eliminate frictions. Two versions have been developed: 50cc and 80cc.

Available soon from UK ATHENA importer, Adrenalin Pedstop.