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New Leo Vince ZX-R

June 14th, 2010

Leo Vince have upgraded their classic ZX exhaust. The new ZX-R is the latest version and possesses the same racing looks of its predecessor. The new expansion chamber is made from a special 10/10 mm steel featuring an ‘open’ double chamber structure covered with deadening material. Its cones (up to a maximum of 9) are TIG hand-welded. The construction is then coated with a transparent varnish to protect the expansion chamber from the elements whilst at the same time enhancing its racing looks by leaving the welding visible. The silencer with an enlarged exit pipe and attached with an aluminium clamp looks pretty trick covered in carbon fibre which adds to the racing looks. The ZX-R expansion chamber is also CE marked which means it can be used on the road:

The ZX-R kit also comes with a set of springs and variator rollers so that the transmission can be adjusted to suit. Available from Adrenalin Pedstop.