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Pedmoto – dawn of a new era for Adrenalin Pedstop

February 9th, 2012

South Yorkshire mail order giants Adrenalin Pedstop has made the move into scooter product development. ‘Pedmoto’ is the brand to emerge and with a range of performance air filters already under their belts, Adrenalin’s next offering are performance exhaust systems.

The guys at Adrenalin know what it takes to make a good exhaust, after all they’ve been selling the best brands for years. “Simple but effective” was the primary objective with the ‘Series 1’ – the first exhaust due to enter the market by the end of March. It seems the Series 1 has already surpassed expectations – “pleasantly surprised” was the response to dyno tests carried out at Pedstop HQ. Already proving to be one of the strongest performers on their test bike the prototype came up top trumps on a stock 50cc two-stroke with nothing more than a roller change and jetting. The Series 1 was only intended to be one of the strongest systems at the 50cc end of the spectrum but it’s already out performed some of the best pipes on both stock 50 and mid-range 70cc setups. The proof is in the pudding. Actually it’s in the quality of the welding and the design, take a closer look at the prototype and feast your eyes on the aggressive angle of the pipe. Most impressive of all is the price… The finished 50cc Series 1 system will be supplied in a lacquered or bare metal finish (for chroming or nickel plating) and come with a black anodised silencer retailing at around £99.99.

Pedstop are also working on another pipe as we speak designated for the high-end catchment, again the approach is to keep things simple which in turn will keep the price down. Watch this space for further news and developments.

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