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Polini Evolution engine case

September 10th, 2010

New from Polini are these rather slick looking transmission covers to fit horizontal Minarelli engines (long version).

Trick looks are all well and good but it’s what’s underneath that counts and the most important feature here is the primary gear with variator driven pulley. Polini Motori have developed the engine case so that it’s possible to fit the supplementary gear that works on a pin to be screwed on the shaft itself. Thanks to this the pin is less flexible when usually it is completely overhanging.

A second useful feature is the inclusion of an air intake to improve variator cooling, this comes pre-fitted with a foam sponge to prevent unwanted dirt and air impurities from getting inside.

Polini claim that with the above additions it’s possible to eliminate variator vibration and exploit all the belt run on the variator. Great for tuned engines.

Four colour options are on offer:

Carbon: 128 Euros (£106) + VAT
Chromed: 119 Euros (£98) + VAT
Blue: 119 Euros (£98) + VAT
Black: 119 Euros (£98) + VAT

The above prices are approximate at the time of writing.

Available from UK Polini importer, Adrenalin Pedstop.