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Top parts from Top Racing

January 4th, 2011

You may notice something familiar looking at Top Racing’s Evolution crankshafts. Chances are you’ve probably seen the same product before but with different branding. Top Racing are the manufacturer who deserve the recognition as they make parts for the likes of Stage6, Motoforce, Artek and Doppler to name just a few.

Let’s begin with the Evolution High Tec crankshafts from Top Racing. They’re stronger than strong, perfectly balanced and make use of high grade INA bearings in a high tensile steel heat treated mass with a super strong connecting rod:

Another race orientated crankshaft again making use of heat treated high tensile full mass and high quality bearings is the Evolution NG crankshaft:

Moving on to Top Racing’s pre-pressed gears. If you’re looking to save yourself some work (as well as reducing the bills if you use a mechanic) as well as obtaining generous performance gains, then Top Racing’s pre-pressed gears could be just what you’re looking for. Thanks to large-scale manufacturing they’re available at an excellent price. The beauty of the gears being pre-pressed (just like the Stage6 products) means you can remove the old gears and replace them with new just using your fingers, no pressing, dead simple.

For a full list of what parts are available from Top Racing, take a look here.