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Yasuni C16 Exhaust for Minarelli Vertical Engines

May 25th, 2010

The Carrera C16 is a racing system that carries the typical Yasuni attributes like the neat way the silencer attaches and industrial but elegant bracket configuration. Top this off with a very revvy disposition and high top speed and you have the perfect pipe. If you look at the many cones that have been used to create this one then it should be easy to realise that the price tag should be closer to the C30 rather than the C16. This is definitely a system that should be used in conjunction with a 70cc setup not forgetting the usual roller and clutch spring changes. Potential purchasers should be aware that this exhaust can only be used with the centre stand removed.

Example fitment: Aprilia Amico, MBK Booster 50 / Booster Next Gen / Rocket / Stunt

RRP: £229.63 or £189.99 (inc. VAT and free delivery) from UK Yasuni importer: Adrenalin Pedstop.

Product Codes (and links) as follows:
Yasuni C16 (Carbon Silencer): AD/TUB308C
Yasuni C16 (Carbon Kevlar Silencer): AD/TUB308CK