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New Italjet Dragster at EICMA 2011

November 10th, 2011

As expected Italjet’s new Dragster prototype could be seen at this year’s EICMA show in Milan. On display was a 50cc version sporting refreshed body styling. We spoke to Italjet’s head honcho Massimo Tartarini who seems to have a soft spot for the Dragster like many of its fans.

Engine-wise, the prototype has been fitted with a two stroke Minarelli copy with a concept exhaust that appears to resemble a four stroke pipe. Reactions from punters at the show have been positive so far with great interest also being shown from the online community. The actual engines, assuming the Dragster reaches production, haven’t been confirmed as yet but “made in Italy” seems to be the intention.

The frame on the prototype is new with wider tubes and apparently only a few 100g heavier than the existing trellis frame on the 50cc model. A larger 12 inch front wheel to accommodate a larger or dual brake caliper has been discussed as a possibility. Visible changes include new lighting, a fuel tank moved to the center of the bike where the battery would normally reside. The redesigned seat would imply less under seat storage space but the design appears to be uncompromising given the modern sports bike looks. The dashboard retains the original shape but now has a new clock and the addition of a digital display. The original S.I.S. independent steering system has also been retained although this could change if a larger front wheel becomes a reality.

Over the years we’ve heard of dealings with Kinetic in India, we’ve seen a 250cc Dragster prototype so will this Dragster ever reach production? We can only hope it does. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy our slideshow of photos of the new Dragster taken at the show:

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