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Return of the Italjet Dragster?

October 31st, 2011

Regarded by some as the most radical-looking automatic scooter on the planet, the Italjet Dragster is set to make a return appearance at this year’s EICMA show in Milan.

With Wipe2-esque styling cues, these concept images present an angular, more aggressive looking Dragster with razor sharp styling. It’s not a million miles away from its more smoother looking predecessor, it still has a trellis frame, it wouldn’t be a Dragster without one. The S.I.S. (independent steering system) front suspension still appears the same too. It has the same wheels and even the same Michelin Bopper’s the old Dragster had. The dashboard and controls still resemble the old configuration but the pictures show a new clock and the addition of an LCD display. The lighting has been redesigned and the rear end looks completely different to the old Dragster. A larger shock absorber is visible at the rear and not centrally mounted as per the old Dragster 50. Engine-wise, the facts and figures are yet to be confirmed but for now we’re aware of a 50cc two-stroke, 125cc four-stroke plus a larger capacity four-stroke.

Dragster afficionados have been taunted with news of a new model for years, as much as the old Dragster has been loved (for all its faults) let’s hope Italjet’s engineers have addressed the build quality issues and made some real improvements to withstand any chance of survival in today’s competitive and unforgiving market. But above all, let’s hope this time the Dragster finally makes a return to the showrooms and indeed our roads.

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