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Polini Italian Cup 2013 Round 3 – Castelletto Di Branduzzo

June 26th, 2013

The third round of the Polini Italian Cup 2013 took place on the Castelletto Di Branduzzo circuit showing some rich and exciting racing in all five Scooter classes and Pit Bike.

Crowded Grid

On the track in the area of Pavia, there were many competitors at the races despite disadvantageous weather conditions with extremely heavy rain. The agenda had to be changed a little for the Scooter 70 Evolution Open and One-Brand Scooter classes resulting in both being out on the track at the same time as two groups with a staggered start. On the first run of morning qualifications, all classes ran on a wet track but the definitive times were reached on an almost dry track at the second run. The violent down bursts during the first races in the afternoon forced the remaining races to be changed from 8 to 6 laps.

The 70 Evolution Open confirms the high level of class by a mixed starting grid showing the three Polini official riders on the first row  followed by three One-Brand riders. A flooded track for Race 1 and protagonist riders of a real show who after start see Corsi take the leadership by force, but in the following laps he unluckily suffers performance problems due to his engine taking on some water which left the race control to Tiraferri who finished in pole position closely followed by Corsi and the brilliant Castellini. In the opposite class Del Bonifro overcomes Moroni on the last bend in One-Brand. Corsi and Tiraferri inflame the public through sprints, rushes and stunts in the first phase of Race 2. Unluckily Corsi’s slide will deliver victory to Tiraferri. Castellini fights a duel with Corsi and manages to overtake him but by trying to get the position again, the Tuscan rider ended up on the ground and files a really unlucky weekend. The podium of One-Brand puts up Moroni, who takes revenge on Del Bonifro and Zavoli.

Show Boating


A few seconds before Race 1 starts the riders are called back to their boxes due to a passing storm. Delayed operations and shortened races don’t stop the show of the “big bombers” 94cc of this class though. Simone Bartolini sprints the right way and gets the leadership followed by Rocco Ripepi and Julien Vitali. These three control one another all race long with their positions being unvaried right to the finish line. Race 2 offers an almost dry track and a grid mixed between riders with slick tyres and others with rain tyres. Bartolini chooses rain tyres and in some laps is overtaken by Scribano and Rota, who are faster with Sava slick tyres. They fight until the last lap when Rota pushes for the ultimate sprint and wins. Scribano is second, Morelli is third and Bertolini is fourth, even though he will get on top of the podium and restate his championship supremacy.


Piacentini’s Vespa is still the fastest in qualifications. In Race 1 Filippo Benini breaks hesitations and fiercely attacks Piacentini. It starts raining and Piacentini leaves the fight to avoid falling. Bernini wins, Piacentini is second, while Marco Leaso ends up on third position after a fall. A renewed fight between Piacentini and Benini, who makes a mistake and leaves the victory to his adversary in Race 2. Benini ends up in second position and the lonely Leaso is third.



This really crowded class had twenty one riders on the grid and a damp track. Luca Lussana starts from pole position even though Simone Prischi is the one at the head of Race 1 right from the start. This part of the race continues with 5 riders almost leading the group, even if it’s the last lap that decides the podium. Zanetti cuts the finish line by a fraction with just a one hundredth advantage over Zani and Prischi. It’s a pity for Lussana, the protagonist of a nice fight nonetheless on fifth position at the end due to a mistake in the last few turns. Race 2 proves the level of this class with Prischi, Zani and Zanetti having a brawl in the first segment of the race until the incredible double overtaking of Zanetti who takes the head of the race and resists to Zani’s attacks till the finish line. Third position for Pagliaccia and fourth place for Prischi.

Leg Out


The protagonists are always Gianluca Cuttitta and Gabriele Camorcia. On the start of Race 1 Cuttitta sprints and has been collecting a considerable gap since the first laps. A bump between Camorcia and Fabbri pushes them out of race so that the podium is still unvaried until the finish line with considerable gaps between the racers. Cuttitta wins, second place for Camorcia and third place for Luca Carminati. Cuttitta wins again in Race 2 after an exciting battle with Camorcia who falls on the last bend and has to settle for third position behind Luca Carminati.

Tucked in

Hobby Sport

The rainy day influences the turns of free tests dedicated to the fans of the Hobby Sport class. With a wild reckless group who faces the track with enthusiasm and fun. Several Vespa bikes arrive on the track this weekend too which confirms the great interest shown towards Hobby Sport.