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Repsol Honda RC213V 2014 MotoGP Bike

June 26th, 2013

HRC vice-president Shuhei Nakamoto says there is no pressure to wheel in the 2014 version of their RC213V MotoGP bike as both Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez are happy with the current bike.

Last year we all saw Dani Pedrosa immediately jump all over the 2013 bike feeling extremely comfortable leading to a winning streak towards the end of the season. Dani and Marquez have said there isn’t anything the 2014 bikes does better than the current one that warrants a switch just yet.

“The test of the RC213V 2014 prototype has been very constructive. Dani, Marc and Stefan all gave us similar comments regarding the positive and negative aspects of the new bike and these will be very important in order to proceed with the development for next season,” said Nakamoto.

“This test has also been very useful to work with the set up of the current bike and helped Dani and Marc find something they both like. The fact that they are happy with the 2013 version of the RC213V puts no pressure on us to race with the new prototype so we will continue with its development as planned and will be back in Europe to the test after Misano or for the one after Valencia.”