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Project Zip

December 6th, 2010

What started out as a shop project saw the Adrenalin Pedstop crew on a whirlwind tour of drag strips and race tracks across the UK. Thanks to the power of Polini and the racing talents of Josh Brown, Adrenalin emerged as racing champions in the 2010 BSSO series. The following videos document the progress of the Pedstop Race Team from the first quarter mile test session at Santa Pod in 2009 through to the final round of the BSSO 2010 series at Three Sisters in Wigan.

Sunday 11 October, 2009: Quarter mile testing. 15 year old Josh Brown pilots Adrenalin’s Polini-prepped Piaggio Zip at Santa Pod. Racing alongside Josh is 16 year old Jamie Newbold on a 125cc Italjet Dragster sprinter:

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Sunday 18 October, 2009: More quarter mile testing, this time at Elvington in North Yorkshire. Josh Brown’s first and only quarter mile effort of the day on Adrenalin’s Polini-powered 70cc Piaggio Zip started off well, but a heat seize in the last 100 yards resulted in a 15.8 second run and a gentle roll over the line at 60mph. Things could only get better:

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Friday 05 March, 2010: BSSO Test Day. With two riders now under the Adrenalin wing (Josh was now joined by 11 year old Sam Edwards) it was time to carry out some proper testing on the track at Mallory Park in Leicestershire. The test day came and went without too many incidents although some politics seemed to be present at the venue. All in all it went well with Adrenalin’s Polini-engined Zip proving to be strong and reliable after some tweaks by 50cc Tuning’s Darryl Taylor. Sam and Josh had some good laps and a couple of offs. The following footage gives a taster of what it’s like out there on the track from the rider’s eyes thanks to a video camera attached to Josh. Unfortunately his progress was brought to a halt when a black flag was waved summoning him back to the paddock just as he was getting into the swing of it:

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The next video shows more of the action at Mallory including some onboard footage of Josh’s off at Shaw’s Hairpin:

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Monday 05 April, 2010: BSSO Round 1. A month after a day of testing the action returned to Mallory Park. Adrenalin now had three riders; Josh, young gun Sam Edwards and Zack Tingle. After cold and frosty conditions on the test day at Mallory previously, conditions were a little warmer this time although it stayed overcast and windy throughout the day. The Zips performed well with Josh, Sam and Zack all putting in a good effort. In this video watch Josh as he battles for victory in the first race of the series:

Sunday 18 April, 2010: The Pedstrop crew head out to Elvington armed with the Zips for some quarter mile testing. The day’s racing went well with Josh and Sam knocking out some fast times up the runway. A 15.34 second quarter mile run terminating at 79mph saw a 20mph improvement in top speed compared to six months previous when Josh glided across the finish line when the engine seized. Thankfully things went better this time and the Pedstop crew now felt more confident that Josh had the straight line speed he would need when he returned to the circuit for the next round of the 2010 BSSO Series.

08/09 May, 2010: BSSO Round 2 at Three Sisters in Wigan. Both days went really well especially for Josh who won all four races. Not only that he broke the lap record which he held in 2009 but that was on a 77cc, this time Adrenalin’s Polini Evolution 3 70cc engine gave him the muscle he needed on the track. Meanwhile, Sam successfully completed and won the Young Guns class and was getting quicker every race. Apart from injuring his knee after an off on day one, Zack did really well too bearing in mind that this was only his fourth race meeting. Zack appeared to be getting to grips with the setup of the bike and was bringing lap times down every lap and coming in mid-pack.

20 June, 2010: BSSO Round 3 at Cadwell Park. It went well in Lincolnshire for Josh apart from the Zip’s clutch losing on drive at the top-end in the second race. Hindered by the old classics and some harsh maneuvers from some big autos Josh’s chance of catching the leader disappeared. Josh finished second but coupled with a first place win in race one this put him in good stead for the rest of the championship. Meanwhile, after a few minor technicals during practice Sam was nowhere to be seen on the track but Zack had more luck with his engine holding form and he finished fifth in race one and fourth in race two. With Lydden Hill being the next stop on the BSSO calendar this would separate the men from the boys in terms of corner speed. Here’s some onboard footage from Josh Brown’s 70cc Polini Evolution Piaggio Zip in race two at Cadwell:

31 July, 2010: BSSO Round 4. The action at Lydden Hill took place over a mostly wet and misty two days and seemed to be plain sailing for the Pedstop crew… until it reached crunch time at the end of the last race on day two when Josh crashed, luckily he was ok, the Zip wasn’t. Day one turned out to be a good day though, the fog and drizzle tried its best to put on a dampener on proceedings but that didn’t stop Josh from claiming victory with two seemingly effortless first place wins.

Second win of the day for Josh in race two at Lydden:

Josh scored a hat trick after another win in race three. Look out for the crash at 3:50:

It was in race four that Josh crashed during the last lap after a dog fight with two high capacity traditional scooters. Alas the memory card in the onboard camera ran out just before the crash but these photos show each stage of Josh’s off.

04/05 September: BSSO Round 5 – Pembrey, South Wales. The weather conditions were somewhat mixed on day one at Pembrey but the Zip coped well on the 1.45 mile circuit. Josh performed well and came second in both races in his class on day one despite starting at the back of the grid due to his fall in the last race at Lydden at the end of July. The Zip’s onboard camera took a bit of a bashing during Josh’s off at Lydden which could be the reason why it stopped filming during the second lap of the first race, luckily we managed to capture all the action in race two:

Day two saw Josh flying round the circuit in the practice session:

25/26 September: BSSO Round 6 – Cadwell Park. After numerous delays on the track, the first race was reduced to just three laps, as usual there seemed to be no stopping Josh who managed to blitz the opposition and secure a first place win with a massive ten second lead. Sit back and watch him annihilate the opposition:

The second race on day one at Cadwell involved a close battle between Josh and Keith Terry (number 11) who was riding a 172cc Gilera Runner. Despite the power difference Josh maintained enough speed throughout the race but the Zip sounded ill especially towards the end when it became apparent to the spectators that something was wrong. Josh still managed to come first in his class and second overall in the autos. Some spanner work was now needed to rectify the Zip before the start of day two.

On day two torrential rain and a fuel spill made for nightmare racing conditions which led to a number of riders hurtling along the track in the wet including Josh who raced fearlessly despite the lashing rain. Unfortunately the Zip couldn’t take it and lost stability in the second lap. Keep your eyes peeled until end of the video where it looks like Josh went down for a spot of breakdancing.

02 October: BSSO Round 7 – Three Sisters. Josh’s crash in the previous round at Cadwell meant he had to start at the back of the grid. Despite this he managed to work his way through the field overtaking the opposition including the likes of the big cc classic scooter riders in true David and Goliath style. Josh finished first in his class but judging by the way he raced finishing first overall was the only thing on his mind. Zack also put in a good performance but he seemed to have had some bad luck throughout the whole season, a crash in lap four took away his chances of finishing the race.

After the early morning mist disappeared and the racing got underway it was frantic action from the start with riders putting in their best performance in order to claim those championship points and for some, victory in the 2010 series:

The final race of the BSSO 2010 series was the icing on the cake for Adrenalin. The Three Sisters circuit had its fair share of racing talent but the power of Polini was on Adrenalin’s side and Josh managed to claim victory with a superb first place win. Josh was closely followed by young gun Joe Ravenscroft who appeared to pull some serious racing skills out of the bag towards the end of the series. All in all a successful year of racing for the Pedstop Race Team and a very worthwhile project in the end.

Words & Videos: Paul Robinson

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